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The new edition of "Buy Bead for Pearl": is the gift more fragrant than coffee?

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop I don't know when, no matter in the milk tea circle or in the coffee industry, the peripheral products that many chain brands give away are becoming more and more curly, and "buying xxx with limited perimeter" seems to have become the inherent mode of new products on the shelves. Just past. No.

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I don't know since when, no matter in the milk tea circle or in the coffee industry, the peripheral products that many chain brands give away have become more and more curly, and "limited perimeter to buy xxx" seems to have become the inherent mode of new products on the shelves.

Just this past July, several coffee chains launched new activities in this mode, such as Manner giving cups,% Arabica bags, Tims plates and online pockets. The surrounding area attached to each brand is more popular with consumers than the coffee sold, frequently appearing on major social platforms.


Yesterday, the chain coffee brand M Stand also launched the new Thai flavor coffee series, ordering a set meal to send a cork machine bag. Although the "Dongyin Gong Bubble American style" in the new product has the characteristic of curiosity, it is not as attractive as the super-good-looking headphone bag in terms of performance-to-price ratio.

As soon as the tweet came out, the eyes of a large wave of sexists were immediately attracted by this exquisite perimeter, and online "robbing the perimeter and basking in headphones" became the top priority, and the copywriters almost all described themselves as "buying pearls for the new version." and spend recklessly for good-looking gifts.


"it doesn't matter what kind of coffee is swollen (not), what matters is that the headphone bag stabbed me in the heart", "the big complaint for 68 yuan", "another day to buy coffee for a giveaway", "for the sake of M Stand cork headphone bag, I challenged Dongyin Gong American style", "Coffee is secondary, headphone shell is what I want".

Therefore, what really allows consumers to take the initiative to pay the bill is not the new cup of coffee with a unique taste, but a free gift in line with the public's aesthetic appreciation, which is even more popular than the coffee product itself carefully prepared and launched by the R & D group.


Picture from: Dobe Pig Lan

In fact, this kind of "no money" around, but do not care about new products, and even "buy money to return pearls" behavior is not difficult to understand.

First of all, for the brand side, it is not too expensive to produce these limited peripheral items, and the design is in line with the current theme, has the aesthetic appearance of most young people, and has the function that can be put into practice. to a certain extent, it is enough to hold the "appetite" of a large number of consumer groups and pay for it.


Secondly, starting from the consumer psychology of the public, the brand launched a free gift promotion, which is nothing more than to let consumers get goods with logo in the form of free or low price, as a reward for buying new products. In this way, even if the taste and taste of the new product fail to "step on" the taste that the public likes, you can get a good wave of publicity by giving it to the surrounding area.

In addition, the merchants in the gift promotion products, is also full of thought. Through the integration of practicality, aesthetics and consumer psychology, the product and the surrounding packaging can bring unexpected publicity effect for the brand. For those who do not rely too much on coffee, through accidental discovery of good-looking surrounding objects and come into contact with the brand, word-of-mouth will also imperceptibly affect a number of potential customers, thus expanding the original circle.

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