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The barista overturned the scene! Smile first to respect and call mom first!Recommend

The barista overturned the scene! Smile first to respect and call mom first!

▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop As the saying goes, if you often walk by the river, there are no shoes that don't get wet. Even if they have been standing behind the bar for several years, experienced baristas will lose their horses at a certain moment, leaving the clean and tidy countertops in chaos that only occurs when they are novices. Shh! in their

What brand of black coffee is the most authentic and delicious? what are the characteristics of the flavor of the authentic Rose Summer Black Coffee?Recommend

What brand of black coffee is the most authentic and delicious? what are the characteristics of the flavor of the authentic Rose Summer Black Coffee?

When it comes to coffee, each unique bean is like a beautiful tour, you taste not only the color between the tongue, but also like a postcard from a foreign country, telling you what kind of local climate can grow such a unique flavor of coffee beans! Most importantly, it makes me no longer care about how much money I save, but how I do it.

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  • What is the meaning of lactic acid fermentation with coffee bean treatment?

    In daily life, many delicious foods are produced by lactic acid fermentation, such as pickled pickles, yogurt, cheese and so on. In the process of raw bean processing of coffee, the required lactic acid bacteria will also be introduced in the fermentation process.

  • How to judge the state of foam by sound?

    In fact, to make a good latte, you need delicate, smooth and mobile milk foam. Do you guys usually pay attention to what you will pay attention to when you practice lattes? And usually in the process of practice, will you notice the sound in the process of milking? In fact, the sound that appears in the process of milking can help to judge.

  • How does the latte pull out the unicorn pattern? Come to get for a little trick to improve the flower pull!

    Usually, friends who make their own milk coffee at home will have the idea that they want to master the difficult pattern of flower drawing. However, it will be bound by a coffee machine with weak steam, and the milk foam is relatively thick / rough, so that it is easy to atomize during flower drawing, or the foam hardens and does not move the flowers.

  • Will flower pulling affect the taste of the latte?

    On the Internet, we can always see the topic of sex: why does coffee pull flowers? Will pulling flowers affect the taste of milk coffee? Can a good-looking flower pull enhance the taste of a hot latte? Pulling flowers doesn't look good, which means the coffee doesn't taste good. With these questions, let's move on to today's chapter. The so-called coffee pull

  • Do you know the history of coffee?

    Pulling flowers, called "Latteart" in English, refers to the combination of Italian concentration and steamed milk, and finally leaves patterns on the liquid surface through fusion techniques. The next article will take you to understand the history of the development of pull flowers. In the 1980s David Hume (Dav.

  • The difference between honey treatment and sun washing what is raisin honey treatment?

    Before you really knew the "honey treatment", did you ever think that the honey treatment was the fermentation of coffee beans with honey? But in fact, this is a treatment between the sun and washing, and after the popularity of honey treatment, there is a treatment called raisin honey treatment. Let's talk to you from Qianjie today.

  • What kind of milk can a novice use to make coffee foam to keep the foam longer? The correct method and skills of milking tutorial sharing

    Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) how to play the delicate milk foam spaghetti coffee milking skills the first is to choose whole milk before the steam must let the machine are hot, make sure that the steam is ejected (the pressure will be great

  • Why do washed coffee beans taste sour? Flavor characteristics of washed Coffee

    I don't know if you have ever seen such a scene in a coffee shop: the tasters don't know the information about the coffee beans. After the coffee is brewed, they immediately guess how to deal with it. "it's water washing." This is because usually, washed coffee will show a clear sense of cleanliness and clarity. When using medium and shallow

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