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Do you know the history of coffee?

Published: 2024-07-18 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/07/18, Pulling flowers, called "Latteart" in English, refers to the combination of Italian concentration and steamed milk, and finally leaves patterns on the liquid surface through fusion techniques. The next article will take you to understand the history of the development of pull flowers. In the 1980s David Hume (Dav.

Pull flower, called "Latte art" in English, refers to the combination of Italian concentrated and steamed milk, which finally leaves a pattern on the liquid surface by means of fusion. Next, this article will take you to understand the development history of Lahua.

In the 1980s, when David David Schomer was making a latte in his own coffee cart in the United States, he inadvertently let the white foam pour a nearly heart-shaped pattern on the coffee surface. As a result, the accidental heart-shaped effect was amazing and loved by customers. Later, David began to focus on the research, after being able to make a stable heart-shape, he also invented the leaf pull flower, and the coffee industry paid more and more attention to this technique. The trend of modern flower-pulling is thus on the rise.


Drawing flowers, known as Latte Art, is now a must-have skill for many baristas, showing all kinds of beautiful patterns on the surface of the coffee liquid through delicate and smooth foamed milk. The earliest coffee flowers were only heart-shaped, slowly developed to leaves and other images, and now there are some more complex and exquisite flowers, animals and other patterns.

In 1992, David developed the rose flower and began to hold training to popularize Latte art. In Italy, there was also a famous artist named Luigi Lupi, who contacted David online and exchanged videos with each other to improve.


After that, in the World pull Flower Art Competition, by injecting hook flowers, there were many animal patterns, such as horses, owls, butterflies, swans, and so on, and colored flowers appeared. It is no longer just a mixture of traditional coffee oil and milk. The art of flower drawing has become a world event valued by the industry, and it has also attracted many people to join the coffee hobby. The art of pulling flowers is a major contributor to expanding the influence of the coffee industry.

With the development of boutique coffee, now the flower drawing technology has developed to a variety of, baristas pay more and more attention to this skill, they began to focus on the artistic modeling floating on the surface of coffee. In addition to improving their skills, but also to improve their own "weapons".

1. Milk jar

At present, the development of the milk tank on the market is varied, with different cylinder nozzles, cylinder grooves, capacity, weight and so on, the flower cylinder is no longer just a container with a sharp mouth to hold milk. Different nozzles can effectively control the flow of milk foam into coffee.


two。 A container for coffee

Now there are many different cups, round bottom, flat bottom, glass, ceramic, different shapes and so on. Different cups have different improvements in the fusion of milk coffee, flow rate, liquid level and so on.


3. Milk

In addition to regular milk, there are many different kinds of milk, skim milk, oatmeal milk, prepared milk, purified milk and so on.


4. Carved needle

The carving is assisted by a "carved needle". The carved needle has two different shapes of head, the sharp end is mainly used to outline lines, and the other end is used to draw large patterns of spoons. Baristas will first send a message of milk, blend with espresso and then decorate the details with carved needles, so that some relatively difficult patterns can be completed.


5.3D three-dimensional flower drawing

The usual coffee flower may be a flat pattern, but it creates a three-dimensional effect by throwing away the thickness of the foam. First send thick milk bubbles, stack the foam bit by bit with a spoon to create a three-dimensional effect, using carved needles and dipping some chocolate sauce to draw the pattern. Finally, there will be an amazing three-dimensional pull of coffee.