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What kind of milk can a novice use to make coffee foam to keep the foam longer? The correct method and skills of milking tutorial sharing

Published: 2024-07-24 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/07/24, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) how to play the delicate milk foam spaghetti coffee milking skills the first is to choose whole milk before the steam must let the machine are hot, make sure that the steam is ejected (the pressure will be great

Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style)

When many children begin to learn to pull flowers to play with milk foam, the milk foam can not be played well. In fact, the quality of milk will also affect the difficulty of milk foam. In front of the street, we will introduce some kinds of milk that are easy to milk. In the eyes of baristas, milk is divided into normal temperature milk and low temperature milk, whole milk and skim milk. It is best to use low-temperature whole milk to make coffee flowers, no matter the taste or the difficulty is the best choice. Normal temperature milk: milk treated by high temperature sterilization, almost completely sterilized, so it can be preserved at room temperature for a long time, with a shelf life of 6 months, but the taste and nutrition are slightly poor. Low-temperature milk: milk is treated by pasteurization to eliminate most bacteria. It can only be stored at low temperature for about 7-12 days. The shelf life is short, but the nutrients and flavor will be better. Whole milk: the fat content of milk is also the standard for getting rid of milk. It is easier for whole milk to dispense with milk foam, and it is easy to make delicate and dense milk foam. Skim milk: skim milk is mainly processed to remove fat from the milk and make it. Skim milk is suitable for some allergic diseases, or people with high blood pressure. But Qianjie wants to reiterate that the flavor of skim milk is not as good as whole milk in any way, and it will feel watery and lack of milk flavor in tasting.

How to get rid of milk foam in front of the street is full-fat fresh milk from Weiji. Make sure the machine is hot before using steam, and make sure that the steam is ejected (the pressure will be great, but if you are using a professional commercial machine, there is no problem).

Many cheap espresso machines on the market do not have enough pressure, so they are just spraying water and a little steam, while the steam sprinkler will have a plastic head, and one end of the head will suck air, not lower than the milk. There is usually a temperature limit, that is, do not play too long, the general temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius can end, you can try to touch the bottom of the temperature, hot hands, and the smell of milk will end.

The last step is very important. when the foam is beaten, put a piece of cloth on the table, a thicker one, and put the foam in the milk tank. Knock on the table and shake the air out of the foam so that the foam will be stronger and won't melt quickly even if you don't drink it right away. Milk is best if it has just been taken out of the refrigerator. The needle is placed in the middle of the iron cup and kept one centimeter below the milk level. If the sound is too loud, it means to adjust the angle.. you can practice with a thermometer.. The temperature will be turned off as soon as it reaches the specified temperature. Because of the temperature in the back, it rushes up very quickly. The milk that is well beaten should be paste at 01:30. It's a little thick. (basically, it is not well-done, but the temperature should be controlled.) turn off the steam and shake the cups on the table. At this time, you will see that the milk bubbles above are all thin.

The milk foam is too thick and bubbles mean that the milk temperature is too high. Because the temperature is not well controlled. It's too late to turn off the steam.. there are too many ways to keep the foam lasting. The temperature of heated milk foams are formed in two ways. One is the milk foam produced by steam, and the other is the milk bubble made by pulling with a filter pressure pot. First talk about the steam out of the milk foam, the temperature can not be too low, otherwise the formation of milk foam is not dense, naturally will not be maintained for a long time. When the temperature is high, it is even worse, because the milk boils, and the milk bubbles are no longer dense, but large bubbles that are easily broken after boiling. So someone asked, what temperature of milk foam is the most suitable? It's about 75 degrees Celsius. But a very stylish barista taught me that he never used a thermometer to foam and felt the temperature in the thinnest part of his hand (the thick meat next to his thumb), which was the most sensitive to temperature. When you feel very hot (yes, this must be taught hand-in-hand, he taught me to beat the foam to the perfect time, and then let me feel the temperature with the palm of my hand, and then confirm the correct temperature with me countless times. Because each person's skin thickness is different, the feeling of temperature is also different. )

For a good cup of coffee, you must try a lot of whole milk to determine which milk is better. It should also be mentioned here that different coffee beans are also different from the best flavor milk they can match. It is possible that the milk flavor is too strong and suppresses the mellowness of the coffee itself, so even if that kind of milk can produce good milk bubbles, it may not be the best choice to match that kind of coffee beans. As for milk bubbles made with filter pots, basically frozen milk can be made. Its quality is that the faster it twitches, the more frequently it bubbles, the better it will be. This kind of milk foam is basically used to make cold drinks. Personally, I don't like this kind of milk foam, it doesn't have the charm of milk, and it doesn't blend well with coffee, so I might as well mix it with cream or ice cream and coffee. The ratio of milk to foam is simply 500ml milk, you can make a mixture of 1000 ml of milk and foam, or you can make a mixture of 600ml of milk. It all depends on what kind of coffee you make. Such as pulling flowers, making lattes or making cappuccinos. Relatively speaking, relatively speaking, the greater the proportion of milk to milk foam, the denser the milk foam. Of course, it has a lot to do with personal technology.

Personal technology is even more complicated. How to operate the steam stick (when to turn on the big steam, when to turn off the steam, the steam stick is inserted into the depth of the milk, the stirring force). The lower the initial temperature of the milk, the more time it takes to use the foam, and the more time it takes to adjust the quality of the foam. Steam sticks use steam to quickly mix air and milk, which has a lot to do with how you form bubbles on the surface of the milk and beat them into the densest bubbles. This is closely related to years of practice. In order to save money, I often use water instead of milk to practice. After beating, I have to deal with the milk in my hand. I usually press the milk pot heavily on the table. When it comes to heavy, it is not very heavy. This force is very fastidious, and the big bubbles in the milk will not be shocked out. If it is too heavy, it will shock the new big bubbles in. Of course, this is a personal habit, and some people don't use it.

Milk that is usually beaten for storage time will be quickly made into coffee. Otherwise, the longer you keep it, the more there will be no bubbles. The bubbles are not dense anymore.

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