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How do you make the Camelot latte that is popular in Seoul? What is Camelot? Caramel coffee production of picture and text teaching sharing!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, Recently, a coffee called "Camelot latte" suddenly became a craze. It not only appears on the menus of most coffee shops, but also the major media platforms are dominated by its figure. What kind of product is this Camelot latte that can make countless people crazy about it? Today, Qianjie, answer things for you.

Recently, a coffee called "Camero Latte" suddenly set off a craze. Not only did it appear on the menus of most coffee shops, but even major media platforms were dominated by its figure. What kind of product is this "Camero Latte" that can make millions of people crazy about it? Today's front street, for you to answer the truth!

Camero, what is it? When you go online to search for information about Camero, you will find that everyone is introducing it like this: it is the Japanese national animation-"Cherry Maruko" protagonist Maruko, a favorite caramel snack! In fact, in our country there is a similar dessert called swollen sugar (the difference lies in the sugar material). It's made from simple ingredients: white sugar, water, and a little baking soda! He only needed these three ordinary items to make it. By heating and dissolving sugar into syrup, and then adding the incarnation of sodium bicarbonate "baking soda" to mix and stir, baking soda will decompose after receiving heat, producing a lot of carbon dioxide, and this carbon dioxide will expand the syrup! It expands, cools, cracks, and it's Camero. Simply speaking, it is caramel block. After it is broken or broken, it has a lot of holes and looks like a honeycomb. Therefore, it has the alias of honeycomb sugar!

When this dessert was introduced to South Korea, Korean baristas were inspired to apply it to the production of coffee. And so, Camelot Latte was born! I never thought that it was once popular in Korea and became one of the coffee products that were sought after. Then the front street to share, this Camero latte, how to make it!

Teaching how to make a Camero latte sounds difficult, but it's actually quite simple. The way to make it popular on the Internet is actually to add Camero to the latte. Therefore, when we are familiar with and able to make lattes, what we need to solve is to obtain Camero caramel blocks!

Camelot access to two ways, a more suitable for hands-on ability of friends, the front street here to elaborate on its production method! Ingredients required for Camero production: 100g white granulated sugar, 50ml water, 5g baking soda. Its production process is roughly as follows: ① We first pour white granulated sugar and water into the pot, then turn on low heat and cook slowly;② It is best to stir from time to time during the cooking process, and prepare to add baking soda when it bubbles and turns yellow;③ Prepare a clean plate/oil paper aside, then turn off the heat, add baking soda to the pot and stir at high speed! Then we can see that the syrup expands rapidly;(4) when it expands to the point where it can fill the pan and is about to overflow, we pour it directly onto a plate and wait for it to cool;(5) when the camero is cooled, it is very crispy, and at this point we break it into small pieces and finish the production! The front street belongs to the second type, which is obtained through direct purchase (after all, to wash the pot, just... You know what I mean!) However, because there are few offline purchase channels, normally only through online shopping platform purchase mail!

Then, let's start making Camero Lattes! First, we prepare a glass of about 350ml, then pour 100g of ice and 200ml of ice milk; then use 20g of coffee powder to extract 40ml of coffee solution, which takes 30 seconds, and pour it on the surface of milk. At this time, a latte is finished!

Then we place a few pieces of Camero, Camero latte is done! We can also add camero first and then pour concentrate, although this is not as beautiful, but it can make the hot concentrate melt part of the camero first, let the caramel sweetness add to the coffee, neutralize the bitterness, stir it before drinking, it is not too delicious!!!

Hot Camero lattes are made with a slight difference! We need to make a hot latte first and then sprinkle it with camero sugar, otherwise adding camero first will not only prevent the fusion of concentrate and milk, but also make it melt too much, so it is simply a caramel latte instead of a camero latte! (Camero better be small)

Be reasonable, hot camero lattes are really good! As the front street latte is mainly sherry warm sun sunflower blend, so with a little whiskey aroma. It combines with Camero caramel sweetness, evolving the sweet taste of chocolate and toffee in the wine! Of course, Camero latte can also be made in many ways. The one shared by Qianjie is just the most traditional way of making ~ very simple. Try it quickly! Finally: Front Street stores won't produce Camero lattes ~

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