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Ethiopian Coffee beans | introduction to the processing of coffee beans by Amedilaro ASD in Yega Xuefei production area

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, When it comes to coffee, I have to mention Ethiopia, which is recognized as the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia has a long history of coffee and countless native varieties of coffee. Ethiopia is located in the northeast of Africa, which is dominated by mountain plateaus, which accounts for 2% of the country's total, and the East African Rift Valley runs through the whole territory.

When it comes to coffee, Ethiopia has to be mentioned. As the recognized birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia has a long history of coffee and countless original varieties of coffee. Ethiopia is located in the northeast of Africa, dominated by mountainous plateaus, which account for 2/3 of the country, and the Great Rift Valley runs through the whole territory, with an average altitude of nearly 3000 meters. Ethiopia's high altitude, favourable climate and fertile soil make it a natural place to grow coffee.


Ethiopia has many famous coffee producing areas, such as Sidamo, Jima, Harrar, etc., while Guji and Yirgacheffe originally belonged to Sidamo producing areas, but became independent coffee producing areas due to their unique flavor.

Yegashefi region originally belongs to Sidama region, because the coffee beans produced near Yegashefi town have unique floral and citrus flavor, they stand out independently and become a famous coffee producing area in Ethiopia. At an altitude of 1700-2100 meters, it is one of the highest coffee producing areas in the world, and the soil is fertile, the water resources are abundant, and the climate is suitable, so the coffee produced has special citrus and floral fragrance. Front Street Coffee has a washed Ye Jia Xue Fei coffee, as an entry selection representative, with jasmine, orange, tropical fruit flavor, citric acid, soft and refreshing taste.

East African Harvest Season Flavor Contest TOH

In Africa, coffee is grown in many countries, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc. These countries established the African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) in 2000 to help African coffee producing countries develop coffee trade and improve coffee quality. It also launched an East Africa Taste of Harvest Competition, or TOH, held by 11 coffee-producing countries in Africa, similar to the international Cup of Excellence (COE) green bean competition.

The TOH is divided into national and African regional finals, based on CQI and SAC Green Bean Cup scoring standards, while the winner of the national competition will represent the country to the African regional finals. Among them, the more famous Amerilalo coffee beans won the 2019/2020 Ethiopian national championship twice and the African regional sunning championship. The score of the competition was as high as 90.7 points, which was a double champion.

Amederaro station

There are 28 member cooperatives in the Yegashefi region, including the Konga Cooperative. The cooperative is located 5 km south of Yegashefi town and is named after the nearby Kongga River and Konga village. The Amerindiro processing plant is located in Konga and processes coffee grown at 2200 meters in Konga. These coffees are grown in iron-rich red soil. The high altitude and fertile soil allow coffee to develop high quality and rich flavor.

Anaerobic slow solarization ASD

Anaerobic Slow Dry, abbreviated as ASD. After harvest, the coffee fruit is placed into a sealed tank with the pulp for anaerobic fermentation for up to 120 hours. After anaerobic fermentation, it is placed on a sun bed and allowed to slowly dry for up to five weeks. This way of processing requires more time and effort from the producer, and it can also make the coffee beans produce richer aroma and flavor.

Front Street Coffee Ethiopia Amerilalo Coffee Bean Producing Area: Yega Shefi Producing Area Manor/Treatment Plant: Amerilalo Treatment Plant Elevation: 2200 m Variety: Native Species Treatment Method: Anaerobic Slow Sunlight ASD Flavor: Citrus Berry Cream Lemon Rose Tea White Grape Fermentation

Front Street Coffee's Aramco Delano beans are anaerobic slow solarization ASD, medium light roast. Front Street uses V60, 1:15 ratio, 92℃ water temperature brewing, will smell a slight fermentation aroma, the entrance will have citrus, berry, rose tea and white grape flavor, lemon acid, smooth taste, tea feeling.