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A woman made trouble in a coffee shop because the clerk refused to give cups!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, several videos about a woman throwing objects emotionally in a coffee shop have sparked heated discussions on social media. On May 11, a netizen posted a video showing a woman in a Starbucks in Shenzhen who was very emotional after a dispute with a shop assistant

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Recently, several videos of a woman throwing objects excitedly in a coffee shop have sparked a heated debate on social media.

On May 11, a netizen posted a video of a woman in a Starbucks in Shenzhen who was so emotional after a dispute with a shop assistant that she kept throwing things about and smashing them at the bar clerk, leaving the floor in a mess.

In the film, the woman stands in front of the counter, grabs the materials and coffee cups on the table and throws them everywhere, and the sound of the cup hitting the plank and rolling to the ground is heard from time to time in the video.

During this period, a staff member at the bar tried to stop the woman, but the other person began to smash it in her direction, so he had to retreat to avoid it, while another clerk covered his face with his hand.

According to witnesses at the scene, the woman went to the Starbucks to pack coffee and wanted to pick up the cup on the table without permission, but the clerk refused to let her take it. Then the woman got angry at the clerk and began to get more and more excited, so she began to throw the material on the cashier and picked up the coffee cup and kept throwing it at the staff, which is what happened in the online video.

Other witnesses in the comment area added: in addition to throwing cups in the video, the woman not only kicked out the objects at the door, but also threw out signs (billboards) and "kept swearing in English and Cantonese".

Eyewitness netizens said that due to the aggressive behavior of the troublemaker, the flying cup almost hit passers-by, and she scolded anyone who came forward to talk about her, and the whole process lasted for a long time. Then, when someone saw the situation, he immediately called the police. just a few minutes after the incident, the woman dressed in black was taken away by the police.

In this regard, some netizens said that if the woman was so excited because of the coffee cup, the clerk could have given her one directly and would not have caused such a big fight. Another netizen also mentioned that he had asked the shop assistant for boiled water at Starbucks, which was allowed.

In fact, in all chain stores, these cups are consumables. They need to be counted every month. They must be counted correctly. Even if they are broken, they have to be reported in the system. Naturally, they cannot be given casually.

Other voices pointed out that no matter whether the shop assistant was right or not to give the cup, the woman could have communicated well or found other ways to solve the problem, rather than smashing and destroying items in other people's stores. This reckless extreme behavior is purely to vent personal emotions.

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