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How long can cold extract coffee last? How to make ice drops and cold coffee? What are the extraction parameters?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, As the saying goes, there is no summer without the cold! Recently, Qianjie has collected various questions about brewing. In addition to asking about the types of beans suitable for cold extraction, what everyone cares most about is the details of the operation, such as whether the cold extraction after filtering the residue needs to be refrigerated again? How many days can the prepared cold extract be stored? So today this

As the saying goes, there is no cold extract, no summer! Recently, Qianjie has collected all kinds of cooking puzzles. apart from asking what types of beans are suitable for cold extraction, people are most concerned about the details of the operation, such as whether the cold extract after filtering the residue needs to be refrigerated again. How many days can the cold extract be stored? Well, today's article will come to Qianjie to help you analyze it.

Why does everyone like to do cold extraction at home? The answer is obvious, of course, because it is convenient. Compared with other freshly ground coffee production, the cold extract only needs to grind the powder and soak it in water the night before, seal it and put it in the refrigerator, pull out the filter element the next day, and then take the coffee into the cup and take it away to work. It can be said to be one of the most labor-saving and labor-saving coffee, and it is also the same coffee that we can easily carve at home.

Secondly, when we choose our favorite coffee beans, we will bring different delicacies with the low-temperature fermentation of cold bubble technology, such as the cold extract made by Asaria of Kenya in Qianjie has the flavor of Plum juice and cherry, accompanied by a little fermented flavor, which is a feature that ice hands do not have.

What is the difference between high temperature extraction and low temperature extraction? Coffee people all know that a cup of coffee extracted with hot water has the most pleasant aroma when it is ready, such as hand-made coffee, Italian concentrated coffee, siphon pot coffee, etc., but once it is placed at room temperature for an hour, the volatile aroma in the coffee will be greatly reduced as the temperature drops, or even disappear, so the barista will always tell us to drink while it is hot.

On the contrary, cold extraction and ice droplets, which are soaked in cold water for several hours or filtered slowly, need to be precipitated and "ripe" for a certain period of time in order to achieve the ideal flavor and taste. Because of this kind of cold coffee, all soluble flavor substances are always in a low temperature environment, and they are not easily affected by temperature changes, let alone volatilize into the air in a short time, so as long as you ensure that the storage conditions are suitable, the shelf life will be longer.

After the cold extract is soaked, do you want to put it in the refrigerator again? For the cold extract that is usually produced in the store, Qianjie will put it in the refrigerator after separating the dregs and refrigerate for 3-4 hours before using it for sale. In fact, we also know that the cold extract that has just been made can be drunk directly, and the taste is not bad. So why put it in the refrigerator again?

After the extraction, the ice drop coffee should be put into a clean container and refrigerated for one night before it tastes better. This is a habit that many experienced friends have long formed. Spending a night in the refrigerator, that is, sealed storage at low temperatures, can also be simply understood as "ripe" for two purposes: to control fermentation and to avoid deterioration.

Although the refrigerator at home looks clean on the surface, there are still many microbes that are imperceptible to the naked eye, which may lead to food corruption or spoilage if we are not careful. Therefore, in order to ensure that the coffee is not contaminated by the outside world, the containers we use must be well sealed and cleaned. The purpose of low temperature storage is not only to restrain the reproduction rate of some colonies, but also to let the substances in coffee get a slow and controllable fermentation process. This also explains why the longer the ice droplets are kept, the more fermented the coffee will be.

Compared with the ice droplets extracted at room temperature, letting the water soak the cold extract of the coffee powder all night already has a relatively complete flavor. At this time, the coffee liquid is re-chilled for a few hours, more to allow the water-soluble substances to further ferment. To bring a more transparent, mellow coffee taste.

How many days can you keep the cold extract in the refrigerator? Qianjie noticed that many convenience-hungry friends will soak a large pot of coffee in the refrigerator and pour it out whenever they want to drink it. As a result, if you don't mark it, it's easy to forget whether your coffee will go bad after staying in the fridge for a few days.

First of all, the fermentation process of low-temperature extraction is uninterruptible, cold storage only slows down the fermentation rate of coffee, and with the passage of time, the substances dissolved in water continue to change, and eventually spoil. In addition, every time we open the lid of the bottle, it actually brings the coffee liquid into contact with the air, which not only dissipates the aroma, but also allows bacteria to be brought into the container.

In order to understand the effect of cold extract storage days on flavor, two pots of cold extract were recorded in Qianjie, which were tasted when they were just finished, refrigerated for 1: 2 days, 3: 4 days, 5: 6 days and 7: 8 days, respectively. finally, it was found that the taste of coffee was the best in the range of 1-4 days of cold storage.

Storage days / coffee beans

Litchi orchid

Washed flower butterfly

Just finished.

Litchi wood, fermented wine

Citrus, tea feeling

Refrigerate for 1 to 2 days

Melons, chocolate, brandy

Honey, raspberries, grapefruit, fresh and bright

Three to four days

Wine heart chocolate, maple syrup, honey

Light flower fragrance, blueberry, oolong tea, slightly fermented feeling

5 days and 6 days

Almonds, chocolate, full-bodied wine, weak aroma

Berries have a strong sense of sour and tea.

7-8 days

There is only a lack of wine and aroma.

The fruit is sour and has a heavy taste

Generally speaking, for the sake of flavor experience and health and safety, whether it is ice drop or cold extraction, Qianjie recommends that everyone finish it within 5 days (starting from the production day).

If you are operating like the articles in front of the street, use the cold extract quickly made by warm water, and the appreciation period will be shorter. Because the higher water temperature makes the release rate of flavor substances greater, the warm water version of cold extraction is more likely to breed microorganisms in the refrigerator than the cold extraction made by normal temperature water, so Qianjie believes that it is best to drink it within 2 days to avoid causing intestinal discomfort.