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What kind of boutique coffee is Xiju? Why is it called the polluted Rose Summer? Was it born in Ecuador or Colombia?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, "Hope claw", in the past two years, its discussion is no less hot than the rosy summer, and it has appeared in the hand menus of many coffee shops. When Rose Xia ascended the throne of the coffee industry in 2004, countless varieties of coffee tried to compete with Rose Xia, trying to pull it down from the throne.

"Hope claw", in the past two years, its discussion is no less hot than the rosy summer, and it has appeared in the hand menus of many coffee shops. When Rosa ascended to the throne of the coffee industry in 2004, Hizzaw is one of countless coffee varieties that want to compete with Rosa and try to pull it off the throne.

The claw is absolutely different from this part of the beans that want to pull Rosa off the throne! Why would you say that? Because of it, it may have a "blood relationship" with Rosa!

The name "Xi Zao" is transliterated from "Sidra", which means "apple juice" in Spanish. The trunk of the claw plant is stout and can grow to a height of up to four meters. The leaves are slender, the flowers have five petals, the yield is excellent, and the fruit is plant-like, which is larger than most Arabica species and is suitable for planting between 1600 and 1800 meters above sea level.

However, since it belongs to Arabica species, its disease resistance will naturally be relatively poor. It is worth mentioning that its anti-insect ability is not bad. Therefore, in the absence of disasters, its output is considerable! Nowadays, most of the claw we can see on the market comes from Colombia, which makes many friends mistakenly think that it was born in Colombia. But it is like Rose Summer, the birthplace is not the birthplace, the birthplace of the claw is actually from Ecuador!

In the early years, Nestl é set up a coffee breeding center in Pichincha, Ecuador's Picancha province. The main purpose of the center is to develop and cultivate excellent varieties of coffee. As a result, they crossbred native species from Ecuador, bourbon and Ethiopia. But the project ended in vain, and hybrid beans developed during these experiments were exiled until they were discovered and bred by farmers, and Xizao was one of them. In other words, the claw is a hybrid experimental variety! A large number of subsequent genetic identification confirmed this view! Han Huaizong wrote in the fourth Wave of Fine Coffee: according to the test of Xi Zao by WCR (World Coffee Research Center), it was found that its gene is very close to the native species in Ethiopia. The test almost showed that Xizao came from Nestl é's coffee breeding center; not only that, it also overturned the speculation of Ecuadorian farmers. Because before the identification results were released, Ecuadorian farmers had always thought that Hizugu was a hybrid of iron pickup and bourbon.

In 2021, Dr. Shao Changping also identified the claw, but he identified two different forms of claw (pointed and round). Unexpectedly, the results of the experiment produced several amazing discoveries! The sharp claw gene identified by Dr. Shao Changping is very close to the gene of Rosa or Ethiopian native species. In other words, it is likely to be a hybrid of Guixia. But people don't like Rose Summer, which is of impure blood, just as wizards don't like wizards with Muggle blood. As a result, the claw has a similar title-"polluted Rose Summer". Although its bloodline is not pure, it retains the charm of Rose Summer very well, and the aroma of flowers and fruits is still rich and full!

The result of genetic identification of round claw is not so vague, according to the results, it is very likely to be a hybrid of iron pickup and Rosa! In other words, round claw is not a variety of sharp claw, but a different mixture of varieties! Boy, it turns out that Hope claw also has "brothers and sisters"!

The reason for the fame of the claw mentioned above is that most of the claws that can be seen on the market are made in Colombia. This is largely due to the fact that Hijaw won the championship in Colombia in 2019, 2021 and 2022. Especially Hope claw from the dividing line manor in 2022. After winning the championship, people scrambled to feel its taste, and the result was that one by one was shocked by its fruity flavor. So to this day, the heat of the claw is still high!

Qianjie is also one of its shock, whether it is cup test, hand flush, or cold extract, Hope claw can show bright and full grapes, passion fruit acidity, the tail rhyme has a sweet feeling of honey, a trace of elegant honeysuckle fragrance, very comfortable ~ Qianjiao shares an interesting thing, because Xizao is the use of "Sidra" literal translation, so it is inevitable that bean merchants will use different text to literally translate Xi claw, such as "West claw". This leads some friends to regard watermelons as watermelons without careful examination. So when I got to the front street, I asked, "Boss, do you have any watermelons?"


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