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Beginners will see the "Coffee pull flower" guide!

Published: 2024-06-13 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, The art of flower drawing has attracted many friends to step into the field of coffee from other places in order to make delicate and exquisite patterns in the future. So, the question is: how long will it take to master the flower drawing technique? In fact, the flower drawing technology is not as complicated as imagined, if it refers to only

The art of flower drawing has attracted many friends to step into the field of coffee from other places in order to make delicate and exquisite patterns in the future. So, the question is: how long will it take to master the flower drawing technique?


In fact, the flower drawing technology is not as complicated as imagined, if it only refers to making a good-looking pattern, then one day is enough if you are lucky! In case of bad luck, the top will only be capped for two or three days.


If it refers to a difficult combination pattern, then we need to understand the relevant principles and cooperate with the practice. I believe we will soon be able to make the target pattern you want! Next, let's share the principle of pulling flowers from Qianjie, as well as some details that are easy to ignore, hoping to help you better get started with them! The principle of drawing flowers is divided into two main actions: fusion and drawing! The operational difference between the two lies in the position at which the foam is injected! When the height of the nozzle is high from the liquid level, the injected foam will be poured directly into the coffee and fused with it, which is called "fusion".

When you inject milk foam when the cylinder mouth is close to the liquid surface, then the brown coffee liquid surface will appear different white stripes according to the intensity of your injection. This action is "drawing".

Usually, we need to mix coffee and milk to half of the cup volume before we start drawing, one is to make a better blend of milk and coffee, and the other is to make a better pattern after reaching half of the cup volume. The skill of fusion is not an action that can be accomplished just by swaying the foam in a high place! If we want the fused surface not to be as maddening as a stained white shirt, we still need to pay attention to the height of the fusion.


(the picture shows the "stained white shirt" liquid surface) the conventional fusion technique is: hold the cup in the left hand, hold the cylinder in the right hand, and then stagger the left and right hands in half a circle for relative circular movement. if we control the height at about 5cm to 10cm, with a little more intense up and down mixing, there will be few disorganized stripes.

The most important part of the drawing skill is drawing! At this time, the coffee in our cup has reached half of its capacity, so it is time to draw! There are a total of four points: 1: when drawing, we should not only let the right hand control the output of the foam, but also the left hand to control the rotation of the coffee cup, which is generally called "returning to the cup".

The action of returning to the cup is more important, the early return will cause the pattern to be difficult to shape, and if it is late, it is easy to spill the coffee, so when drawing, the first thing we need to practice is to start work with the left and right hands at the same time, so that when the right hand outputs milk bubbles, the left hand can also return to the cup properly according to the amount of output! Point 2: the more force you use when pouring foam, the more foam will be injected. In that case, the stripes shown by the sloshing will be thicker (even if the foam is thickened); if the force used to pour the foam is less, then, the injected foam with shaking is easy to show well-textured stripes on the liquid surface (the foam is properly thick, the stripes can be clearer! ).


Point 3: different patterns have different footholds, under normal circumstances, you can see the location of the pattern, with the drawing of the foothold will have a certain deviation! For example, the final position of the heart-shaped flower is in the middle of the cup, so when we draw, the foothold needs to move to the right in the middle (near the vat), because, the movement of the cup and the push of the milk will change its final position!

Point 4: the ending is super important, if you close it well, it is the finishing touch; if you do not close well, it is icing on the cake, no matter how well you have done the previous pattern, if you do not control the height at the end, then it will cause your entire carefully laid out pattern to collapse!


(without a good tail, the middle line is too thick, and the whole pattern is uneven.) therefore, at the end, we should pay attention to control the height of the vat, so as not to let the vat get too close to the liquid level, leaving extra "strokes" ~ there is another point. The closing action should start when the nine minutes are full at the latest, otherwise it will be easy for the coffee to ooze because of too much capacity!


Suggestion 1: when we first come into contact with flowers, we can directly use milk and coffee to try it one or two times, first experience what it is like to pull flowers with "real ammunition", and then remember this resistance and feeling, it will be of great help to the next practice of using detergent and soy sauce. (rich children can also use real milk and real coffee.) suggestion 2: the main purpose of the exercise is to train the muscle memory of both hands. We don't think about what kind of pattern we want to make. First, "hold the cup holding the cylinder posture, fusion techniques, cup return skills, drawing details" training, although it will be a bit boring, but this is the most important part, when you practice for one or two days You will be able to master the flower-pulling skills of basic graphics! Suggestion 3: control the time of practice, can not practice continuously for a long time, because it is easy to solidify the mind, produce fatigue, do not have much effect. So every 20 minutes, make a rest adjustment, and recall what aspects of the details you just practiced need to be improved, so that you can get started more quickly. Suggestion 4: if you come across a place that puzzles you, you can take a picture, and then boldly in the background or at the bottom of the article private message Qianjie, Qianjie can give some suggestions.


An inconspicuous small detail ~ when you learn the basic graphics (love, leaves, tulips) and plan to move into the field of combining patterns, you can take a look at the cups used. It is possible that many friends' flower-drawing skills have reached their peak (exaggerated), but they are unable to give full play to their full strength due to the limitation of coffee cups.


The wider the caliber of the cup, the larger the range of drawing; the smaller the caliber, the smaller the range of mapping. The more curved the arc at the bottom of the cup, the more thoroughly the milk and coffee can be mixed. To put it simply, cups with large caliber and radians at the bottom will be more suitable for difficult drawing.


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