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How to purchase Coffee beans in small Cafe how to choose a suitable supplier for domestic Coffee supply Company

Published: 2024-07-14 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/07/14, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) coffee bean wholesale supplier _ where to buy coffee beans the latest price quotation _ how much coffee beans a jin of small cafes there are mainly 5 ways to buy coffee beans: 1. The earliest one is to choose local.

I believe that many friends who love boutique coffee must be curious about the channels for coffee shops to buy coffee beans and how they find suitable coffee bean wholesalers. Today, Qianjie will reveal the choice behind the cafe.

Small cafes generally have five ways to buy coffee beans:

1. Local suppliers, most of which supply raw materials such as milk tea and ice cream at the same time, the quality of coffee beans is not high, but the price is better. A cafe owner revealed that the price of 20-30 yuan per jin is very common.

2. Specialized suppliers of coffee beans. Because of the trust relationship formed when purchasing equipment before, many cafe owners will also choose this part of the supplier, and the bean prices they offer are also more favorable.

3. When you buy from a coffee training institution, some colleges that have participated in the training and set up their own stores will often choose this approach.

4. Online shopping has a wide range of choices. Now there are many well-known coffee brands on the Internet, such as Uncle Dou Coffee, Mingqian Coffee, M2M and so on.

5. Buy raw beans and bake them yourself. Qianjie is one of them.

Qianjie has always thought that quality is the best business plan. Hundreds of decisions need to be made when opening a coffee shop. The most critical decision revolves around the coffee shop's core business: coffee. Whether the coffee tastes good or not is coffee beans! The search for delicious coffee beans starts with coffee bean suppliers. The right supplier will ensure that every high-quality bean order is delivered on time to meet the needs of customers.

So what are high-quality commercial coffee beans? Qianjie believes that high-quality commercial coffee beans have five requirements: fresh, stable, cost-effective, variety and rich in oil.

If you want the best taste, be sure to buy fresh coffee beans

Friends who have bought coffee beans on the front street should have noticed that the coffee beans on the front street shelves are packed in bags with small round valves. Why do you use this kind of one-way valve bag? Because carbon dioxide is emitted from fresh coffee beans within two weeks after baking, bags using this one-way valve will help release excess gas. At the same time, the exhaust valve allows guests to smell the coffee beans outside the package before buying. Qianjie is confident that everyone will choose to buy after smelling the aroma of our coffee!

In addition, a careful friend will surely find the seal of the baking date on the back of the Qianjie coffee package. Normally, the Qianjie online store delivers the goods within five days after baking, which means that customers receive the beans on the second to eighth day (except in remote areas). In 80% of cases, the customer's receiving time is three to six days after the coffee is roasted, which is the best state of the coffee beans.

The stable quality of coffee beans is very important to the stability of coffee products.

The mouth will remember the taste of familiarity. We often hear this conversation about whether the restaurant has a new chef and the taste has changed. The same is true of the coffee industry, the stability of beans can help you stabilize your production to a certain extent. Qianjie has been improving the roasting of coffee for eight years. Each coffee bean has been tested by a professional cup to ensure a high quality taste.

The quality is as good as ever. All the coffee beans sold on Qianjie are used offline. The formula of the boutique mix has been used for 6 years, and the warm sun mix for improving positioning has also been used for three years.

Cost-effective and cost-effective

For those who are new to the coffee industry, it is necessary to find the most cost-effective coffee bean supplier. A lot of money has been invested in the purchase of coffee shop equipment and online publicity. Selecting a large number of coffee beans with high cost-effectiveness can help them to reduce the investment in material cost and reduce the market risk. The coffee beans in the front street have a very high performance-to-price ratio and often offer discounts. 100 grams of small packages of rations beans can even be sold for 10 yuan a pack when they are active.

High cost performance is also one of the biggest advantages of Qianjie at present. Take the sunny matching used at home in Qianjie, for example, the price of Shirley's coffee beans is 80 yuan and a half pound, and the red cherry is 88 yuan and a half pound, but the half-pound price of the commercial sunny matching (Shirley spelling red cherries) is one yuan cheaper than Shirley.

You can't go wrong by choosing a little more.

People who often go to cafes will find SOE coffee becoming more and more popular, especially drinks with outstanding flavors such as creative coffee. A single origin tends to give customers more choices, and cafes naturally make more money as a result. But now there are not many shops that buy individual coffee, and there are often only 20 or 30 choices in the shop. By contrast, the menu in front street is too rich. More than 50 choices tend to dazzle customers.

Perhaps the most important thing for commercial coffee beans is "fat".

Espresso is often best pressed out of golden oil. How did this come into being? What factors are related to it?

Qianjie believes that the roasting degree and freshness of coffee beans are closely related. Italian coffee oil is mainly composed of carbon dioxide and insoluble oil of coffee powder. It is well known that roasted coffee beans contain gases such as carbon dioxide. In modern Italian semi-automatic coffee machine extraction coffee, there will be a 9bar pressure to "squeeze" coffee pressed powder, coffee powder because of the pressure of carbon dioxide, water for carbon dioxide showed a state of supersaturation, so carbon dioxide can not be released, directly into the coffee liquid. And in this process will emulsify the fat in the coffee, these fat will be wrapped in carbon dioxide, because it is lighter than water, all will gradually delaminate, golden oil will appear on the surface, very beautiful.

Finding the right coffee supplier is crucial to the cafe's growing coffee business, so how to find the right coffee bean wholesaler? Qianjie believes that it is better to consider the above five factors and keep trying to establish a trustworthy business relationship.

There are relatively professional theories for roasting and making coffee. The industry has a specialty, and professional people are needed to do professional things.

For example, in order to roast coffee beans, we should not only have a stable supply of raw beans, but also have cup testing ability, baking sites, experienced bakers and cup testers, and so on. And these are not what a boutique coffee shop and a small roaster can achieve.

In the past, there was a saying in the domestic coffee industry: there are many people who do not understand coffee to open a coffee shop. Today, with the upgrading of consumption, the expansion of the middle class and the rise of the new generation, consumers are also gradually growing and mature. This situation will only become less and less.

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