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Starbucks different kinds of Coffee Price list Starbucks menu 2023 Top Ten Best drinks in Starbucks

Published: 2024-06-13 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Starbucks different kinds of coffee price list Starbucks is now very popular in the coffee industry. Almost coffee drinkers have never heard of Starbucks. Here are the prices and introductions of different kinds of Starbucks coffee. Espresso medium cup price: 22.00 yuan small cup price: 17.00 yuan this is the soul of coffee

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The prices of espresso series are as follows:

Oats / soy milk / whole milk / skim milk latte / cappuccino (extra large) ¥36 (large) ¥33 (medium) ¥30

Vanilla / hazelnut latte (oversized) ¥39 (large) ¥36 (medium) ¥33

American Coffee (extra large) ¥33 (large) ¥30 (medium) ¥27

Caramel macchiato coffee (extra large) ¥40 (large) ¥37 (medium) ¥34

Furei White Coffee (extra large) ¥35 (large) ¥38 (medium) ¥41


The prices of Xing Bingle series products are as follows

Caramel Coffee Star Frappuccino (extra large) ¥39 (large) ¥36 (medium) ¥33

Chocolate Star Frappuccino (extra large) ¥39 (large) ¥36 (medium) ¥33

Matcha Star Frappuccino (extra large) ¥39 (large) ¥36 (medium) ¥33

Vanilla Star Frappuccino (extra large) ¥37 (large) ¥34 (medium) ¥31

Espresso star Frappuccino (extra large) ¥39 (large) ¥36 (medium) ¥33

Mango passionflower Frappuccino (extra large) ¥37 (large) ¥34 (medium) ¥31

Mocha Coffee Star Frappuccino (extra large) ¥42 (large) ¥39 (medium) ¥42


The prices of iced shake tea series are as follows

Ice shake peach oolong tea (super large) ¥40 (large) ¥37 (medium) ¥34

Iced blackcurrant tea (extra large) ¥34 (large) ¥31 (medium) ¥28

Iced shake lemon tea (extra large) ¥32 (large) ¥29 (medium) ¥26


The prices of iced coffee series are as follows

Cold iced coffee (extra large) ¥40 (large) ¥37 (medium) ¥34

Tahiti style is cold and exquisite (super) ¥40 (large) ¥40 (medium) ¥37

Air-cooled extraction (medium) ¥48