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The cost of a cup of coffee latte American coffee cost price and selling price

Published: 2024-06-25 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/06/25, How much does a cup of coffee cost? To this end, the reporter conducted a survey from the whole coffee industry chain. However, the survey results show that the coffee industry, which seems to be "high-end and high-end", is actually struggling to survive in the Chinese market.

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Recently, a friend of the code clerk mysteriously shared a bill with me saying that he had been stabbed! At that time, the code clerk's answer was really. It's loud! ). When I learned that the price of double espresso was 23 yuan, I immediately felt that my face was too fast.

In addition to this friend, many netizens also shared on the social platform that the price tag of more and more coffee shops is very unclear, some even have no price tag, some even have no Chinese menu, and the products are all in English. I often get stabbed when I check out!


Some netizens said that even if the product is clearly priced, there is still a feeling of being stabbed when seeing the price. "A cup of American 30 yuan, a cup of latte 35 yuan, a cup of special coffee just with some flavor syrup and fruit started more than 40 … I feel like I can't afford coffee! The point is that it didn't amaze me so much, it looked like a great injustice.



For the current coffee product price range gap is large, there are many partners said that they would like to know the cost of a cup of coffee in the end.

Here, first of all, we need to declare one point: the costs of rent, labor, water and electricity, decoration and equipment input are different in each coffee shop, so it is normal to have differences in prices. So this time we don't directly discuss the cost of a cup of coffee, but how the coffee shop sets the price and how it should be priced.

"determine coffee positioning-determine menu-determine cost and pricing"

According to observation, many coffee shops charge high prices, more because of the cost of rent labor and the unreasonable setting of menu products. There is no clear positioning for their own stores, there is no investigation on the consumption habits of the customer groups around the stores, so that the menu is too messy, increasing the cost of materials / materials, but also increasing the loss.

Therefore, before customizing the menu, the coffee shop should first be clearly targeted (such as for mass consumers / online celebrities punching in / niche coffee consumers, etc.). Objectively speaking, the main content of the menu is basically the product pushed by the shopkeeper and accepted by the customer.


The coffee of menu products should be in line with the location and style of the store, which also means that the location and decoration of the store are also the selling points of the store. Therefore, the menu should be adjusted accordingly according to these factors. For example: the store is in the community / small town, but the products and pricing are oriented to the busy streets / big cities, and people will stay away from both the menu and the price.

Therefore, it is necessary to create the coffee menu as a commodity, so that it can become a sign to attract guests, and then consider the cost and pricing. Only by clearly positioning, can we better select materials, control costs and price more reasonably.

"how are menu products priced? "

Many coffee shops actually buy materials before deciding on products, so the price is not as expensive as they want, but the cost of materials is too high! At the same time, we have to take into account the various costs and consider how much we can earn.

So you have to! Decide on the main customer source of the coffee shop, set a rough price range, and then choose the materials to be made.


If you judge the pricing from the price of raw materials, you should refer to the original price rate. Refers to the ratio of the cost of raw materials to the price of the product.

The loss rate of "raw material fee = material cost x (1 + loss rate)" is about 5%, such as the loss of defective beans in coffee beans.

"original price rate = raw material fee ➗ selling price x100%"

For example (just for example): the price of a cup of American coffee is 10 yuan, and the cost of raw materials should be about 3 yuan, then the original price rate is 30%. Generally speaking, the original price rate should not exceed 30% of the sales price, but it also needs to be based on the situation of different stores, plus rent and labor costs.

"how to control the material cost"

Coffee equipment: only choose appropriate, not expensive. It is not recommended that you blindly invest in expensive equipment as soon as you open a shop. You really don't have to throw money on the equipment when opening a store! If the equipment is expensive, the price of the product will be very high.

Coffee materials: whether coffee beans or other materials are purchased, we should choose suppliers, manufacturers and brands with legal production qualifications! This is very important! In general, the best-selling products in coffee shops are basically inseparable from espresso, so espresso needs high performance-to-price ratio, which is also the key to whether customers can buy back or not.

The price of Italian coffee beans is cheap and expensive, according to a pound, the price range of ordinary taste Italian beans is 50-60; the overall taste can be more prominent, the price range is 70-80; the flavor is more unique / the use of manor coffee bean mix / SOE coffee bean price range is 90-150.


The average bean is about 454g per pound. (in terms of two servings of concentrated coffee), a cup of coffee drinks need to consume about 17-20g beans, which can produce about 22-26 cups of products. The cost of espresso per cup is 2.2-6.8 yuan.

The cost of milk: the price of ordinary fresh milk is 11-13 pounds L; the price of better fresh milk is 16-19 pounds L. According to the consumption of milk and consumption for a cup of milk coffee, it probably takes about 200ml, so 1L milk can be used as 4-5 cups of drink at a cost of about 2.5-4.5.


But this is only the cost of coffee beans and milk. Coupled with the cost of renting equipment and materials in various stores, as well as positioning, can not be compared with the chain coffee shop. So it is normal that the price of a cup of drink in a single coffee shop is higher than that in a chain store.

Sometimes, consumers go to independent coffee shops to drink coffee, hoping to get services and experiences that chain coffee shops cannot feel. The price of the product is higher than that of chain coffee, in fact, we all have psychological preparation. Many consumers think that being stabbed, more often the quality of the product does not match the price, as well as the lack of service, so they feel it is not worth it.

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