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How to drink Starbucks Fragrance White Coffee? how to make Australian White Coffee? what Italian coffee beans are recommended?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) Starbucks launched Fragrance White in 2015 actually there is another reason to know that Furebai imitates Australia's national treasure coffee FlatWhite, coffee star dad why


In 2015, coffee mogul Starbucks introduced Flat White, an Australian milk coffee, renamed "Furebai" to its regular menu, and the drink became popular in street coffee shops. In Qianjie, we call this drink Australian white coffee.

In Australia, milk coffee is called "White Coffee".

Coffee shops can be seen everywhere in the streets of Australia, which shows that Australians have a special fondness for coffee. Here, if you want to drink black coffee, the barista will make you a cup of Black Coffee (Australian black coffee); if you want to drink milk coffee, it will make you Australian white, because here milk coffee is called White/White Coffee.


After the end of World War II, a large number of Italians emigrated to America, Australia and other countries to make a living, while bringing Italian coffee makers to these countries. At that time, the traditional fancy coffee was mainly latte and cappuccino. Compared with these milk cafes, Australians liked the drinks with stronger coffee flavor and could taste the flavor directly. So the barista began to make adjustments in the coffee base, the proportion of milk, and the thickness of milk bubbles, gradually giving rise to the "Australian White Flat White". Flat means "flat", and White refers to white coffee with milk.

The most important feature of Australian white is that it does not have to drink the thick foam on the top and then drink the coffee liquid below, like the cappuccino, but can directly taste the rich aroma of the coffee fat and drink the perfect fusion of velvety hot milk and espresso. Since the 1980s, Australia White has appeared on the fixed menu in Europe, the United States and other countries, and has become a standard drink in major cafes.


How to make a good cup of Australian white?

Compared to the latte, Australia White highlights the flavor of coffee by adding milk. Coffee is the protagonist, and milk is only an accessory. Therefore, Australia White coffee is more abundant and more full-bodied in taste. In addition, the upper layer of milk foam needs to be light and silky, so that every sip of espresso has a velvety foam layer, and the moderate temperature and small amount of cups can be quickly consumed before the foam is stratified.

Qianjie believes that the derivation of Flat White stems from everyone's pursuit of the flavor and taste of boutique coffee beans. Therefore, each coffee shop presents a unique Flat White style according to its own coffee beans and its own understanding. For example, the Italian blend coffee used in Qianjie is a home-baked "sunflower sunflower blend". It is a combination of 70% Honduran sherry coffee and 30% Yega sherry sun-tanned cherry coffee. Shirley's whisky, vanilla, cream flavor with red cherry tropical fruit, fermentation, so that the cup of coffee taste rich and soft.


Coffee base, Qianjie Coffee will choose double essence espresso (Double Ristretto), 20 grams of coffee powder weight will extract 30 grams of coffee liquid, extraction time is 22-24 seconds. Here in the front street, we need to remind you that the extraction scheme of each coffee bean will be slightly different. This extraction scheme is the extraction parameters adjusted by the barista before business every day, and is adjusted according to the warm sun mix used by the store.


Pour the extracted coffee liquid into a prepared cup and pour 150ml's milk into the milk jar. Milk needs less air than lattes, the foam layer is thinner and denser, and the temperature is better controlled at 55-60 degrees Celsius. Finally, pour the milk into the coffee. The Flat White in front of the street shows the taste of chocolate milk and whisky heart chocolate, with a mellow taste and a long finish.

Why is there no ice in Australian white coffee?

Usually we can choose to make an ice drink or a hot drink when we drink a latte, while Australia White only serves a hot drink. This is because the barista hopes that when drinking Australian white, every mouthful of milk foam can be perfectly combined with the bottom milk coffee, only under the premise that the milk foam is very dense, thin and the temperature is suitable for the entrance. Only then can each mouthful drink milk foam and fragrant coffee liquid at the same time, and drink up quickly before the milk foam is stratified. After adding ice, the cooled milk coffee will be diluted to a certain extent, unable to achieve the above effect.


If you pursue a rich milk coffee with a chilled taste, Qianjie suggests that you can try "Dirty", which has been quite popular in the past two years. Add the extracted espresso liquid to the top of the cooled fresh milk to show a "dirty" look, and the taste of cold and hot alternation is very unique.

Recommendation for making Australian white Italian coffee beans

Some friends want to carve a cup of delicious Australian white coffee at home. Qianjie thinks that we should first choose the right coffee beans and extract high-quality espresso as the base. As the function of most household espresso machines is not as stable as commercial machines, the cup output is also very small, which also tests our grasp of the parameters. Therefore, Qianjie suggests a more stable Italian blend of coffee beans, which combines the coffee flavor of different producing areas and uses more than moderate roasting, so that we have a higher fault tolerance rate in extraction.


There are four types of espresso on the Qianjie bean list for everyone to choose from, and make sure that only freshly baked coffee within 5 days is shipped to ensure that everyone is still in the best taste stage when they receive it. In addition to the soft sunny blend mentioned above in Qianjie, the Italian coffee bean list in Qianjie is also suitable for making Australian white coffee with three types of nuts with high price, mellow taste and strong aroma.


Balanced Luzhou-scented coffee beans with Qianjie boutique

Colombian washed coffee beans (30%) + Brazilian half-sun coffee beans (70%)

Colombian coffee is added to the nuts of classic Brazilian coffee, which is concentrated in Italian style with dark chocolate flavor, caramel sweetness and roasted aroma. Blend in the hot milk, showing the taste of chocolate, cocoa and cream, just like drinking a cup of sugar-free Avaltine hot drink.


Classic mellow and thick type-- Qianjie commercial blending coffee beans

Robusta washed coffee beans (10%) + Colombian washed coffee beans (30%) + Brazilian half-sun coffee (60%)

Espresso has rich golden grease and nutty aromas. Australian white coffee, known as Australian white coffee mixed with milk, tastes bitter, but it is more creamy and full, and after swallowing, the bitterness dissipates and the lips and teeth remain fragrant.


Slightly sour and soft type-- Qianjie basic blending of coffee beans

Yunnan washed small coffee beans (30%) + Brazilian half-sun coffee beans (70%)

Yunnan small Coffee has a soft acidity with the mellow aroma of Brazilian Hilado Coffee. Espresso has the flavor of caramel, nuts and soft plum acid, with milk showing a more balanced and supple taste.

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