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What documents do you need to go through to open a coffee shop? coffee shop coffee shop certificate processing process

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information Please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) Today, let's talk about the process of opening a cafe. Of course, first of all, you have to have the funds, with the funds to open a shop, and you need to apply for a license, so what licenses do you need to apply for to open a coffee shop?

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Today, let's talk about the process of opening a coffee shop. of course, first of all, you have to have the capital to open the shop, and you need to apply for a license, so what licenses do you need to open a coffee shop?


Type I industrial and commercial license

Opening a coffee shop should have certain basic conditions, such as a clear name, accurate address, certain funds, general business scope, legal representative and corresponding management organization.

First of all, it is necessary to apply for an industrial and commercial business license, which needs to include the content of catering management within the business scope, and direct store business activities can only be carried out with the permission of the competent department of the industry.

For the registration of the opening of a coffee shop, an application for registration shall be submitted to the competent department for industry and commerce within 30 days after the registration and approval by the competent department or the examination and approval authority. The coffee shop that handles the business registration shall first apply for the coffee shop name, and after approval, hold the "notice of pre-approval of the coffee shop name" to the registration department in charge of industry and commerce to obtain the "coffee shop application registration certificate".

The main items for registration are: coffee shop name, domicile, economic nature, business scope, mode of operation, registered capital, number of employees, area of business premises, business term, branches. The main items for coffee shops to apply for business registration include the following:


The name of the coffee shop. Within the scope of the city or county applying for registration, the brand names of the same industry shall not be the same. A coffee shop may engrave a seal according to the registered brand name and send it to the original registered industrial and commercial administration for the record. Coffee shops without a brand name will not be registered.

When applying for business registration, the following documents and certificates shall be submitted:

(1) an application for registration signed by the person in charge of the establishment.

(2) approval documents from the competent department or the examination and approval authority.

(3) articles of association or partnership agreement.

(4) Capital credit certificate, capital verification certificate or capital guarantee. The capital verification certificate shall be issued by the audit department designated by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce after capital verification. During capital verification, cash shall be deposited in a temporary bank account designated by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and purchase invoices shall be provided in kind or an evaluation report with legal effect shall be issued. The certificate of use of the business premises shall be issued, signed and sealed by the landlord, together with the house lease contract.

(5) the identity certificate of the principal person in charge of the coffee shop.

(6) Certificate of use of domicile and place of business.

(7) approval documents, certificates and other relevant documents and certificates of environmental protection and other administrative departments.

After the approval and registration of the department for industry and commerce, the coffee shop legal person business license shall be issued to the coffee shop, and the business license shall be issued to the non-legal person coffee shop or the non-independent accounting branch of the coffee shop. The operator of a coffee shop shall not engage in business activities in the name of a coffee shop before obtaining a business license. The date of issuance of the business license is the date of establishment of the coffee shop.

Examination and approval of the second category of food management projects

The date on which the food business license is issued is the date on which the license decision is made and is valid for 5 years.

Cafes belong to beverage shops in the industry classification managed by the catering industry, but some cafes are actually Cafe, which provide coffee drinks, on-site production and processing, and provide food services, which needs to be classified into the category of small restaurants (snack bars).

When applying for a food business license, a coffee shop can apply for online projects, existing items and dessert stations at the same time according to the specific scope of business.


1. Food business license management

When applying for a food business license, the following materials shall be submitted to the local market supervision and administration department where the applicant is located:

(1) Application for food business license

(2) A copy of the business license or other subject qualification documents (those that have not yet been obtained are the documents agreed to be established by the competent authority)

(3) documents such as the layout and operation flow of major equipment and facilities suitable for food business (indicating the use and area of the business premises and the location of equipment and facilities)

(4) rules and regulations for ensuring food safety

(5) the kitchen waste edible oil management system of catering service operators who produce kitchen waste oil and food sales operators engaged in ready-made and on-the-spot sale (including kitchen waste oil production declaration, collection and transportation contract, collection and transportation coupon, record account and installation and use of oil-water separator for catering service provider, etc.)

(6) rules and regulations for ensuring the hygiene of public places in all kinds of restaurants and beverage shops (including restaurants, cafes, bars and teahouses)

(7) other materials as prescribed by laws, regulations and rules.

Note: after the new regulations come into effect in 2017, the "Public place Hygiene license", the "Food Circulation license" and the "Food and Beverage Service license" that were originally required will also be integrated into the food business license management measures.

Obtain health certificate and health license

Every employee (including the shopkeeper) needs to apply for a health certificate for the catering industry.

To apply for a health license, you should first apply to the health supervision department of the local people's government at or above the county level, such as the health department of the county (district) health and epidemic prevention station. The specific procedures are as follows: first apply for a health certificate, then apply for a health license, conduct training, and issue a health training certificate after being qualified.

According to the provisions of the Food Hygiene Law, people engaged in food production and management are required to have a physical examination and obtain a "health certificate" before they can take part in the work. Physical examination should generally go to the health department at or above the county level. General physical examination contents include heart, lung, abdomen, liver, skin, hepatitis B vaccination and other aspects of examination.

After obtaining a health certificate, you can apply for a health license from a health supervision agency. The health and epidemic prevention station sent staff to the coffee shop for inspection and guidance. The coffee shop needs to provide a plan of the coffee shop for review by the staff of the epidemic prevention station.

Next, the health supervision agency will send people to inspect the location and design of the demolition, expansion, decoration and other projects of the coffee shop to see if it meets the requirements of health and safety. Hygienic measures for coffee shops shall be formulated in accordance with the provisions of the Food Hygiene Law of the people's Republic of China.

After passing the inspection of the health and epidemic prevention station, the "Public place Sanitation license" shall be issued.

The third category deals with tax registration

The coffee shop shall apply for tax registration with the competent tax authorities within 30 days from the date of obtaining the business license. Get the tax registration form from the competent tax authority and fill in the form truthfully.

Tax registration forms generally include the following:

(1) the name of the coffee shop, the name of the legal representative or owner and the number of its resident identity card or other legal documents.

(2) domicile and business address.

(3) the nature of economy.

(4) the form and accounting method of coffee shop.

(5) Business scope and mode of operation.

(6) registered capital, total investment, bank of deposit and account number.

(7) the term of operation, the number of employees and the number of business license.

(8) the person in charge of finance and the tax officer.

(9) other related matters.

When filling in the tax registration form, the following documents and materials shall be provided according to different circumstances.

(1) Business license.

(2) relevant contracts, articles of association and agreements.

(3) proof of bank account number.

(4) resident identity cards and other legal documents.

The fourth category of decoration and decoration needs to be dealt with.

Construction permit

Construction permit Construction Bureau construction plan, geographical location, design qualification map, construction unit qualification certificate.

Fire protection examination and approval

In addition to the environmental protection approval procedures, operators also need to go to the fire department of the local public security bureau to go through the fire approval procedures. When handling, you must submit the application form, the location plan of the coffee shop and the layout plan of the coffee shop, and then receive and fill in the "Fire Safety key Industry examination and approval form", which will be inspected and accepted by fire inspectors sent by the Fire Protection Department.

Category 5 other licenses

If the cafe also sells alcohol products or self-baking, you need to apply for other licenses:

Liquor retail license

Open production license for roasted coffee

The sixth category determines the business content and target consumer groups, site selection, re-location.

Location is the most important thing in the investment of coffee shop. If you have decided to invest in a coffee shop, the next job is to break through iron shoes to find the best business location, and we usually ask investors to choose a location, a location, and a location. Because it is important to get close to the customers who support your business, they are the foundation of your survival. When you choose a site, count the customers there, talk to nearby merchants, and find out what's going on there, when the passenger flow is high, and who are coming here to spend money.


Calculate the start-up capital.

Buy coffee machine equipment: coffee machine, grinder, etc.

Design the coffee list.

Looking for coffee suppliers, dairy products suppliers, condiments and other food suppliers, other non-coffee beverages, paper products, utensils, etc.

Make marketing plan, hire staff and prepare training materials