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Espresso needs to be ground how thick and thin scale entry Italian Coffee Machine Bean Grinder investigation and Grinding course

Published: 2024-06-13 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Espresso needs to be ground how thick and thin scale entry Italian coffee machine bean grinder begins to extract coffee. If there is no scale on your coffee cup, you need to measure the total weight of the coffee (28-32g). Measuring weight can help you judge whether coffee extraction is fast or slow, which is more accurate than visual measurement of coffee flow rate.


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How fine should the Italian grind be? How can we adjust the correct Italian grinding degree? Is a big problem as an amateur.

We should be clear that the degree of Italian grinding is not once and for all, the change of the state of coffee beans and the change of air humidity will often affect the extraction of Italian coffee. Therefore, it is necessary to fine-tune the bean grinder to adapt to these changes. Usually every morning will check whether the degree of grinding is suitable for the extraction of this parameter. Sometimes the weather changes frequently, the degree of grinding adjusted in the morning will deviate in the afternoon, and it also needs to be readjusted.


Here in the front street, I would like to make it clear that sometimes the extraction is unstable and requires frequent adjustment and grinding. in addition to the weather and other reasons of force majeure, another important reason is the freshness of coffee beans. Too fresh coffee beans are rich in gas. It will be unstable during extraction, and the flavor will be limited. Generally speaking, the cultivation period of Italian coffee beans will be longer, if you want the beans to be more stable, it is recommended to raise beans for no less than 2 weeks. The appropriate Italian grinding degree can only be adjusted by extraction again and again. Before grinding, we need to make clear several goals: first, why we need grinding, because the extracted espresso does not meet our preset requirements, including extraction parameters and flavor. Second, when grinding, other parameters should be kept unchanged as much as possible, such as skilled cloth powder pressing skills, the same amount of powder, otherwise your grinding will be full of uncertainties.


Here is a simple and quick way to determine the degree of grinding. first, apply the extraction parameters of powder-to-liquid ratio 1:2 and time 20-30 seconds. The amount of powder is calculated according to the recommended capacity of the powder bowl, for example, 20g powder bowl is filled with 20g powder. Then select a grinding scale (looks like flour thickness), and then extract to see the time. If the time is more than 30 seconds, the next extraction needs to be thicker, and if the time is less than 20 seconds, the next extraction needs to be refined.


After the extraction time is controlled at 20-30 seconds, we fine-tune it by tasting espresso. If the coffee aroma is not enough, the overall sour, it needs to be adjusted fine; if the coffee is bitter and uncomfortable, it needs to be thickened.