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How much does it cost to open a small private cafe? How much does it cost to learn coffee? How to operate it?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, I'm fed up with the nine-to-five life and the daily infighting in the office, and I don't want to see the boss's face all day. So he decisively threw the resignation letter on the boss's desk and began to imagine what the ideal cafe looked like. At three o'clock in the afternoon the sun shone through the large glass windows on the dining table, and the air was filled with the smell of books and coffee.

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I'm fed up with the nine-to-five life and the daily infighting in the office, and I don't want to see the boss's face all day. So he decisively threw the resignation letter on the boss's desk and began to imagine what the ideal cafe looked like.

At three o'clock in the afternoon the sun shone through the large glass windows on the dining table, the air was filled with the smell of books and coffee, the soothing piano music was relaxing, and the old photos on the white walls were slightly yellowed. A clean and gentle girl leaned on the rattan chair next to the bookshelf, holding a quiet folding cat in her arms. She read an English novel intently, as if she had completely forgotten the noisy world outside the window.

Suit, high heels, boss, never see again!

So I couldn't wait to investigate, learn the arts, do everything myself, and put 100% passion into it. For a good store, but running all over the streets of the city, I was either dissatisfied with the rent or the position. I still couldn't find a suitable storefront more than half a year later.

At this time, the commercial attributes behind the literary dream of opening a cafe are realized that raw materials, rent, decoration, staff and so on are all issues to be considered.

When the economic gain is out of proportion to the investment, the loss for a month or two can still be supported by the passion to realize the dream. What about the loss for six months? What about eight months? Feelings work when you lose money for 10 days, but can you hold on when you lose money for a month, two months, or three months? According to my limited observation of the industry, many small owners can't bear it after losing money for two months. They may not close the shop, but their mentality has changed, and they have begun to worry and worry. This anxiety will also be passed on to the staff and guests, resulting in a decline in the service level of the cafe and a further decline in turnover. This is a vicious circle.

If you haven't thought about these questions clearly, you are not a qualified entrepreneur yet. A qualified entrepreneur should consider whether he can bear the result of failure before taking the first step. So, before you make up your mind to open a coffee shop, I want to talk to you about what it's like to really open a coffee shop.


How much does it cost to open a small cafe?

How much does it cost to open a small cafe?

(30-40 square meters)

Upfront cost: rent + transfer fee + rental deposit.

Medium-term cost: decoration expenses.

Late cost: equipment cost + raw material cost.

Operating cost: salary + reserved funds for operation.

Cost analysis:

Upfront cost: rent + transfer fee + rental deposit.

Rent control: open a coffee shop first choose a good facade, must be a large flow of people the better, large flow of people also high rent, I suggest that if you open a small cafe, the rent should be controlled within 10,000.

Transfer fee: this can save the best, if you want to transfer fee; it is recommended to control it within 30,000.

Rental deposit: usually one month's rent.

Medium-term cost: decoration expenses.

Decoration budget: after all, it is rented other people's house, so it is not recommended to invest too much in decoration; I suggest light decoration and heavy soft clothing.

Late cost: equipment cost + raw material cost.

Equipment cost: a set of ordinary coffee shop equipment (coffee machine, bean grinder, ice maker, smoothie machine, freezer, etc.) can be equipped within 50,000.

Raw material cost: coffee beans + milk + other raw materials: generally 5000 is enough.

Operating cost: salary + reserved funds for operation.

Salary: if 80 square meters of the store, 2-4 staff is enough, wages suggest that their own funds set aside 6 months budget.

Reserved funds for operation: generally reserved for not less than 6 months: rent + staff wages + utilities and so on.

30-40 square meters or so stores: the overall investment needs 10-150000.

Rent 30000 (3 months rent plus deposit) + decoration 50, 000 (basic decoration and door and soft tables and stools) + equipment 50, 000 (bar equipment) + other expenses 20, 000 = 150000

Note: each city is different, the specific investment is different, the above is only for reference.


How much does coffee and other drinks cost? How much is the profit?


Coffee cost:

Suppose a cup of coffee has a capacity of 300ml; we usually use 2 servings of espresso; if a packet of espresso costs 60-70 yuan for 500 grams and 18 grams-20 grams for two servings, then 28 servings of double-cup concentrate can be made, so espresso costs 2-3 yuan.

Milk cost: suppose 10 yuan per liter for a carton of milk. It takes 250 milliliters of milk to get rid of foam to make a cup, so the cost of milk is 2.5 yuan per cup.

So: 2.5 yuan to 2.5 yuan, (the cost of a cup of coffee, excluding your sugar bag, labor, and other miscellaneous fees)

Juice: this depends on whether you mix it with concentrated juice or fresh fruit. I personally recommend fresh fruit to do it; nowadays people pay more attention to health; they don't like drinks mixed with concentrated juice very much.

Milk tea: cost composition of milk tea = black tea + milk + light milk + condensed milk, etc. But the specific cost depends on what raw materials and proportions you have, generally, the cost of a cup is no more than 5 yuan.

For example, you want to open a cafe like takeout, like Guangzhou .jpg Cafe, where there are only four types of Italian coffee, actually four and six kinds of coffee, iced American coffee, hot American coffee, iced latte, hot latte, hot FlatWhite and hot cappuccino, because they only do takeout, so there are few varieties but fine ones. Coffee beans are selected from the famous Australian brand SEVEN SEEDS (one of the most famous suppliers of coffee beans in Melbourne).

Liuyun District is a famous coffee distribution center in Guangzhou, to the north is Tianhe City, Tianhuan, Zhengjia and other core business areas, which is basically located in the core of Tianhe Business District, while the whole location of Liuyun District appears to be more mature and lively.

It is believed that many white-collar workers will come at noon. Jpg will pack a cup of coffee and go, because in the depths of the busy city, there is a large flow of people and a large number of commercial organizations (crowds), which is a good supplement to the surrounding business and a small shade of quiet in the middle of the city.

American $15 cold / hot

Latte 18 ¥hot / 20 cold

Flatwhite / Cappuccino 18 ¥hot

It is said that 200 cups at sunrise


Unique business philosophy

To open a good coffee shop, in addition to transcending commercial feelings, it also needs scientific strategies and methods. It is wrong for many people not to learn the basics and skills of opening a restaurant and want to open a cafe with a little spare money-which is why there are fewer and fewer well-run cafes.

To let customers come to us, you need to have your unique business philosophy. There will be repeat customers only if they have new experiences and surprises.

First of all, define the target customer base, grasp the demand, and use your unique concept to meet this need. This step is done, please use a strong sentence, say why your restaurant is unique, so that you can go far.

For example, you want to open a coffee shop like your own roasting cafe, like Guangzhou Qianjie Cafe, which has only four desks. it is really not big, and you may lose seats a little later, and sometimes even feel a little cramped. There is a bean dryer next to the bar, and there are a lot of beans written on the blackboard. The boss bakes beans every day. Once the machine is turned on in the morning, the whole security guard's front street may be full of the smell of coffee beans.

"from the roaster to the coffee mill, from the coffee maker to the taste, aroma, taste environment and the way the coffee is made, we need to take everything into account to ensure that consumers have the best coffee experience."

At present, Qianjie Cafe mainly sells coffee beans, which is more like a coffee laboratory than a coffee shop. Most of the guests in the shop are coffee lovers, and they all get together with a group of people who share the same hobbies and dedication. Coffee enthusiasts like to huddle together, which is true, because they are the only ones who know where the really good boutique cafes are hidden.

In addition to roasting at home, we also study various brewing techniques of coffee, tell you the differences between the equipment used to make coffee and coffee information, and even help coffee fans improve their professional ability.

American $23 cold / hot

Latte 25 ¥hot / 20 cold

Each item is 30 cups.


Work in a cafe is bitter.

Work in a cafe is bitter.

Don't think that the job of a cafe is to have a good chat and finish the day. Selling 100 cups of condensed restaurants every day means bubbling 50 times, washing 100 cups, 100 dishes and 100 glasses. Go to the cafe early to clean and clean the equipment. When it's time to close, you have to put all kinds of things back in place to prepare for tomorrow. And the most troublesome thing is to communicate with customers. Coffee customers include all kinds of species, express different opinions, vent their grievances, and treat you bitterly. To deal with this, you need to open a high-level self-confidence model, as well as a babysitter model, to meet the needs of customers.

Repeat customers come to you because you are honest with them, and because of your honesty, you are introduced to other friends. You don't need to make the cake world-class at all, you just need to use high-quality raw materials, people will experience your sincerity and are willing to buy it. The same is true of your coffee products, it is not enough to buy high-quality expensive machines, but also to combine with the top roasters (who provide high-quality and stable coffee), you can produce high-quality coffee.

Arm you and your partners with coffee knowledge, participate in professional coffee training, to meet the high standards of customers and your own high standards, ready to open a shop.


How much is it to learn coffee?

Generally, there are 7-day courses for learning coffee, covering practical theory and other contents, so that you can understand it and open it again. The tuition fee ranges from 4000 to 6000. If it is some internationally certified coffee courses and internationally certified baristas, the tuition fees range from 4000 to 20000.


Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that running a coffee shop can't make money. I can tell you responsibly that with the right methods, cafes can achieve the goal of starting a business and achieve financial success.

More importantly, because of the unique atmosphere and heritage of the cafe, this kind of entrepreneurship has a sense of spiritual pleasure that the average startup project does not have / but only if you are professional enough. It is expected that as soon as the cafe opens, it will be worth tens of millions of dollars and dream. Not every cafe can be as successful as the blue bottle, if so, it is also because there are business experts behind their backs, who can fully mobilize resources, take advantage of opportunities, and predict trends. If you open the library for the first time and make a profit every day, you will have succeeded.