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What's the difference between a smart cup and a V60 filter cup? The difference between the taste of smart cup and hand-brewed coffee

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) smart cup extraction mode to soak in fact, water accounts for more than 98% of the content per drop of coffee. The index used by the American Fine Coffee Association to quantify the concentration is the total solubility measured by an optical refractometer.

Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style)

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Whether using V60 filter cup or coffee smart filter cup to brew coffee, it is a kind of hand-brewed coffee. The definition of hand-brewed coffee is that after the coffee powder is dissolved in water by injecting hot water, the extracted liquid drips through the filter paper or screen at a free speed.


Qianjie Coffee believes that the charm of hand-brewed coffee lies in its clean taste, the ability to fully extract the aroma and sweetness of the coffee, and the ability to control the excessive release of bitter substances.

Characteristics of V60 coffee filter cup

V60 means that the coffee filter cup presents a 60-degree angle, and the spiral rib design on the cup wall can effectively adjust the water-saving flow evenly through the coffee powder layer.


The star-chasing design of the filter cup focuses on the falling speed of the water level, so that the coffee powder particles can be extracted better and the flow rate is faster. The internal ribs are designed with a Radian whirlpool structure to help speed up the flow of water, extending from the bottom to the top, indicating that the exhaust effect is smooth. Bent ribs increase the flow path to increase the contact time between coffee powder particles and water.

The coffee brewed from V60 filter cup has a clean taste and rich layers.

The characteristics of coffee smart cup?

The so-called "smart cup" is a funnel with a valve embedded at the bottom, unlike the V60 filter cup, coffee will be affected by water injection and other factors. The smart cup can achieve the effect of soaking before the piston is opened, and the substance in the coffee can be extracted more fully.

Although the immersion method is also used for extraction, unlike the French press, after the extraction process of the smart cup, the coffee oil and fine powder in the coffee liquid will first pass through the filter paper before flowing out through the open valve. It tastes cleaner and more layered than the pressure kettle with metal mesh to "separate the slag".


The smart cup combines the advantages of a French kettle and a tapered / body-shaped coffee filter cup. It is simple, convenient and easy to use. It is extracted by soaking, but it does not require much skill. If it is difficult to skillfully master the steady flow of water, and can not accept the French pressure of fine powder, then the smart cup is easy to operate, but also can take into account the choice of flavor.

There is a piston at the bottom of the cup, which is usually in a diving state (there are four feet below, leaving him hanging). After pouring into the water and closing under pressure, the piston firmly blocks the current, and when it is placed on the container, the lower piston is pushed up and the coffee comes out.


Coffee smart cup brewed coffee taste clean, the whole will be more full than the V60 filter cup.

Which filter cup is more recommended for novice coffee?

In this case, we need to consider our own needs first ~ if we want to drink more layers, but also want to learn more hand-brewing coffee, etc., Qianjie Coffee recommends V60 filter cup; if you want to drink stable, full coffee, you find it difficult to control water injection. Qianjie Coffee is recommended to choose a smart cup.

What's the difference between V60 and coffee brewed from a smart cup?

First of all, choose freshly roasted coffee beans to have a better aroma and flavor. At present, all coffee beans sold on Qianjie are issued 5 days after baking, and the best taste period is 5-35 days after the baking date is marked on the back.

The two types of coffee filter cups use the same water temperature, coffee grindability and powder-water ratio. [Costa Rican Mozart coffee beans] sold in the former street coffee as an example, it is recommended to use medium and fine grinding (fine granulated sugar size / 80% screening rate of China 20 standard sieve), water temperature of 90-91 degrees Celsius, and the proportion of powdered water at 1:15 (that is, 1g coffee powder added 15g water). This front street coffee will use 15g coffee powder for brewing demonstration.


The steps of making coffee in the smart cup are as follows: fold the filter paper into the smart cup, put the smart cup on the container, and preheat the appliance when wetting the filter paper with hot water. Then move the smart cup to the electronic scale (when the valve closes automatically) and pour the ground coffee into the center of the filter cup.

In the first stage, inject 30g of hot water, press the timer and steam for 30 seconds; after steaming, pour hot water to 225g, then soak 1 cup. After soaking, move the smart cup to the container to open the valve and filter out the coffee liquid in the filter cup. The whole process takes about 15 seconds, and the total extraction time of coffee is 2 seconds 3910.


The smart cup brews Mozart coffee with full-bodied sweet dried grapes, full-bodied sweet and sour berries and a pineapple finish.

The steps of brewing V60 filter cup are as follows: fold the filter paper in the filter cup, then put it on the coffee pot, and then preheat the apparatus when wetting the filter paper with hot water. Then pour the hot water out of the pot and pour the ground coffee into the center of the filter cup.


The powder layer was fully wetted in the shape of "hamburger" for 30 seconds with 30 g water, and then boiled in the second stage; in the front street of the second section, the smooth medium-fine water was injected around 125g and then stopped, and the third stage was injected when the water level dropped to 2 / 3 of the powder layer; in the third stage, the medium-fine water was coiled and injected to 225g and finished with water injection, and the total extraction time was about 225g.

V60 brewed Mozart coffee, the flavor shows the sweetness of dried grapes, sweet-scented osmanthus aroma, orange-like bright acidity, pineapple-like finish.