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What is the most expensive variety of Qiloso in BOP multi-variety group?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Chiroso has ranked in the LOD (Landofdiversity) and COE (CupofExcellence) competitions in previous years, and this year it won the highest price in the multi-variety group at the BOP global auction with US $488 per kilogram. this

Chiroso has ranked in the LOD (Land of diversity) and COE (Cup of Excellence) competitions in previous years, and this year it won the highest price in the multi-variety group at the BOP global auction with US $488 per kilogram.

The bean came from Colombia, but it was not cultivated by Colombia's National Coffee Research Center. It was found in Urrao, Antioquia province in the north of Colombia.

Antioquia is the earliest place where Colombian coffee takes root, located on the west-central slope of the Andes, while the city of Urao is located on the edge of the western mountains, with an altitude of 1800-2200m, with an annual average temperature of 19 ℃, rich in water resources and balanced humidity, the good microclimate makes the flavor of coffee produced in this region more special.

It was found that the farm in Chiloso used to grow traditional coffee varieties such as Kaddura Caturra, but local farmers noticed a coffee tree that looked a bit like a Kaddura tree, while the beans looked like bourbon. They named this particular coffee tree Chiroso, meaning "jagged" because its leaves were disorderly arranged like ragged homeless.


Chiloso Coffee Tree

The altitude of planting in Wulao City is relatively high, so the temperature of planting is relatively low. This variety was originally planted because of its resistance to cold climate and high yield, but now it has attracted much attention and praise because of its complex floral fragrance and rich flavor characteristics.

Chiloso bean shape is relatively sharp and long, with obvious flower aroma and fruit tone, complex acid quality, the industry evaluation of its flavor is similar to Rosa, mellow thickness is better than Rosa.


Chiloso raw beans with pectin

In the early years, farmers mistook it for a natural variant of Kaddura or Bourbon, and even signed up under the name "Kaddura" when they entered the competition, which is why they were called Kadurachi Rosso. In the 2021 COE competition, organizers identified the variety, sent all participating coffees to the fund for engineering inspection for the first time, and issued a survey confirming that Chiloso coffee was classified as an "Ethiopian local variety" category.


Articles related to the investigation of Ciloso gene



The article "genetic Research on Arabica" also said that after genetic comparison, scientists found that Ciloso was a variety from Ethiopia. Chiloso's bloodline was finally established as an Ethiopian native species growing in Colombia rather than a Kaddura mutant.

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