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Introduction to the principle and characteristics of the correct use of mocha pot A detailed course of mocha pot brewing coffee is described in five steps.

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, The mocha pot is suitable for deep roasting and fine grinding of coffee beans, using the vapor pressure of boiling hot water to extract coffee close to the flavor of espresso. Author = cafenoma (a Japanese couple, combining his wife's favorite coffee, groceries, interior decorations and her husband's interest in photography, on Instagram

With the gradual popularization of domestic coffee culture, many friends who have just entered the coffee circle began to delve into extraction with various instruments. Compared with the high-priced and tedious Italian coffee maker, the mocha pot is much easier to be close to the people, so it has become an entry device for many beginners of coffee.


Let's first understand the structure and principle of the mocha pot.

Mocha pot is a kind of direct-fired espresso utensils, the original design idea is to use boiling water to form steam pressure, directly infiltrate into the coffee powder, extract flavor substances, and push to the upper pot, so as to get a strong coffee liquid. The coffee extracted with mocha pot has a strong taste, sour and bitter, and has a small amount of oil.

The extraction form of the mocha pot is similar to our common pressurized espresso. After the water boils in the lower seat, it will produce water vapor, condensing more and more steam to cause a certain pressure, forcing the hot water to penetrate the coffee powder and dissolve the flavor substance along with the coffee liquid. Spray into the upper container. The coffee brewed in the mocha pot has about 1.2 to 3 atmospheric pressure, and the increase in pressure will make the coffee flavor more convergent, so the coffee brewed in the mocha pot also has a mellow taste.


A detailed tutorial on the operation of the mocha kettle

Before making coffee, we need to be equipped with fresh coffee beans, water, a bean grinder, a heated gas stove (or induction cooker), and our protagonist, the mocha pot. The front street of coffee beans uses the home-baked "sunflower warm sun mix coffee beans" baked in the front street, which is made of Honduran Shirley and sun-baked red cherries at 7:3.


1. First, remove the base of the mocha pot and add pure warm water to the pot, which can shorten the cooking time and avoid the coffee powder being heated too quickly and the flavor is easy to be bitter.



The amount of water is controlled under the pressure relief valve line 0.5cm or so. The safety valve is to prevent the coffee pot from exploding due to the blockage of the extraction channel caused by the coffee powder grinding. If the safety valve is blocked by water and the extraction passage is blocked, the consequences of the explosion of the high-temperature coffee pot are unimaginable.


two。 Weigh coffee beans for grinding, to extract rich black coffee, the degree of grinding should be more fine than the average hand. Qianjie stores use EK-43s bean grinder with a scale of 0.5 thickness. The control of the amount of powder depends on the size of the mocha pot. In the front street, a classic Biloti pot for three people is used here, with a powder quantity of 18g.



3. Pour the ground coffee powder into the powder trough, fill it with nine minutes, smooth it with your fingers and place it on the base. There is no need to fill and press hard, the over-tight wind layer is easy to block the flow of water and go up, thus affecting the extraction.


4. Then tighten the upper pot and the lower pot, dry the kettle with a towel and heat it on a gas stove or induction cooker. When using open fire, try to control the amount of fire not to exceed the base of the mocha pot.


5. Just wait for the mocha pot to heat up, and when you hear a hissing sound, turn it to a low fire, and the coffee liquid and grease will flow out slowly. When you see that the upper pot of coffee is half full, turn off the heating source, move the pot to the table, and use the residual temperature and pressure in the pot to continue to extract the remaining coffee.



Finally, the extracted coffee liquid is poured into the cup and can be tasted directly. The palate has strong aromas of whisky, vanilla, cream, sweet and sour berries, with aromas of roasted nuts. Mixed with a certain proportion of hot water shows fresh fruit sweet and sour, with milk is a sweet chocolate.

Details that should be paid attention to in daily use of mocha pot

Our common mocha pot is generally in the shape of metal, try not to touch the kettle body when heating at high temperature, you can use wet towels to avoid scalding. If we hear a whining sound, but the coffee liquid has not spilled from the upper pot, it is likely that the outlet is blocked, and the heat source should be turned off first to avoid safety risks caused by excessive internal pressure.


If the grinding degree of coffee powder is too coarse, it will lead to inadequate extraction, spatter and other problems, too detailed rules will lead to over-extraction, coffee bitter taste, difficult to taste. The powder trough needs to be filled and paved. If there is not enough coffee powder, the water in the lower pot cannot be fully extracted when it enters the middle powder layer under steam pressure, which will lead to a large spatter on the upper pot and the taste of the coffee is indescribable.

Every time the mocha pot is used in Qianjie, it will be disassembled and cleaned in time to avoid coffee residue stains, which is easy to taste and bitter. If old coffee stains are left in filters, washers and extraction channels, they may cause blockage and affect normal extraction.


For the deeply roasted beans recommended in Qianjie, because the mocha pot belongs to pressurized extraction, if the shallow roasted coffee is used, the texture of the shallow roasted beans is harder, and it usually requires finer grinding to improve the extraction rate. however, fine grinding under high temperature and high pressure is easy to make coffee sour and exciting, and it is also difficult to extract the aroma of oil. Therefore, Qianjie recommends more deeply roasted Italian coffee beans as raw materials, which not only makes it easier to drink strong coffee with oil, but also makes our extracted coffee more stable. There are four Italian coffee combinations suitable for mocha pots on the Qianjie bean list. Qianjie wants every customer who places an order to taste the aroma of the coffee during the best taste period, so make sure that only 5-day freshly baked beans are shipped.

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