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How about Cat Coffee? what grade is a hoax? which instant coffee tastes better, four Cat Coffee, Nestle Coffee or G7 coffee?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow Coffee Factory (Wechat official account cafe_style) Coffee three-in-one instant Yunnan small coffee powder 1000, what do you think? ● tastes terrible. Never buy a ● that tastes so bad in your life. It's not good at all. Cheat.


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Restaurant (4) Cats, Nestle Coffee and Vietnam G7 Coffee are all popular instant coffee brands in China. All three brands of instant coffee have their own advantages. Restaurant (4) 98% of the cat brand instant coffee is produced from alpine coffee beans in Yunnan, China, while Nestl é coffee brands in China use Arabica coffee beans grown in Yunnan and Robusta coffee beans grown in Hainan. Vietnam G7 coffee uses Robusta coffee beans grown in Vietnam.

Rich flavor ranking: Vietnam G7-Nestle-restaurant cat

Coffee aroma ranked: Nestle-Cats-Vietnam G7

Cost-effective ranking: restaurant cat-Vietnam G7-Nestl é

Instant coffee generally contains a lot of sugar and fat powder, long-term intake can easily lead to cardiovascular disease and obesity, so it is not recommended to drink instant coffee for a long time.

If you want refreshing, but also want convenient brewing coffee, in fact, hanging ear coffee bag is also a good choice. Compared with instant coffee, hanging-ear coffee is not only easy to brew, but also has no added sugar and fat powder, and a small packet is also very convenient and does not take up space.


Another advantage of hanging-ear coffee is that it uses coffee powder made from raw coffee beans, which can retain the unique aroma of coffee and feel the performance of different taste levels of coffee after brewing.

Qianjie Coffee in order to make every customer feel the unique charm of freshly ground coffee, the hanging ear coffee bags ordered by all Qianjie Coffee flagship stores are roasted, ground, sub-packaged and independently sealed packaged, and guaranteed to be sent 5 days after the roasting date.


Although it is freshly roasted and packaged and sealed immediately after grinding into powder, the flavor of the coffee will dissipate over time. Therefore, Qianjie Coffee suggests that when you buy hanging-ear coffee bags, you don't have to store too much at one time. The best taste period for hanging-ear coffee bags is 30 days.

There are many choices of hanging-ear coffee bags for Qianjie Coffee. In addition to the choice of flagship stores, friends can contact customer service if they have other coffee beans or coffee flavors they want to drink. Then choose your favorite coffee beans to make hanging-ear coffee ~ there will be 10 small packets of coffee powder in each bag, with a net content of 10g.


If this is the first time to buy a hanging-ear coffee bag, we recommend that you choose "Qianjie Coffee hanging ear bag in season". There are four flavors to choose from, no matter the performance-to-price ratio or the quality is very high!

If you like coffee with sour and sweet fruit, you can choose seasonal hanging-ear coffee bags that are medium-and shallow-roasted. Coffee beans from Ethiopia Yega Chefe are used in the front street. If you like roasted nuts and are not very sour, you can choose seasonal hanging-ear coffee bags that are medium-roasted. The front street uses coffee beans from Brazil's Hilado region. For those who like the taste of coffee that is completely non-sour and full-bodied, you can choose the deep-baked coffee bag of the season. If you don't know what flavor you like, you can choose the seasonal hanging ear coffee bag from 5 random producing areas, and the front street coffee will help you choose it.


After buying the hanging-ear coffee, how to brew it? Next, Qianjie Coffee shows you the brewing method of hanging-ear coffee.

1. Prepare cups, coffee bags, and 1 hot water.

2. Tear open the ear bag, pull out the inner bag, tear it along the "open" line above, open the ear, and hang it on the cup.


3. Pour hot water into the ear, pour the first paragraph to the first part of the filter bag and wait 10-15 seconds.

4. Pour the second paragraph to the 9 minutes full place of the hanging ear bag, then continue to pour hot water until 9 minutes full after the coffee solution of the filter bag is fully filtered, and then pour to 9 minutes full after the coffee solution has been fully filtered. After the coffee solution has been filtered, you can remove the hanging ear filter bag.


Note: a total of 4 stages of water injection, the first paragraph is injected to 1 stroke 2, and the other three sections are filled until 9 minutes after the coffee liquid has been fully flowed. Qianjie has been tested several times, so that the total amount of water injection is about 150ml. If there is an electronic scale or cup has a scale, you can also rely on these aids to cook the right proportion of powder.