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How much is a bag of four cat coffee?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange More coffee bean information Please pay attention to coffee workshop (Weixin Official Accounts cafe_style) With the improvement of per capita consumption level in China, more and more leisure light catering brands gradually extend their tentacles into third-tier and fourth-tier cities and hot tourist cities such as Lijiang and Dali, Starbucks Lijiang

Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style)

With the improvement of the national per capita consumption level, more and more leisure light catering brands gradually extend their tentacles to third-and fourth-tier cities and hot tourist cities such as Lijiang and Dali. Starbucks Lijiang's first store opened in the 5596 commercial district on the 19th, and the first ZOO COFFEE store has also signed up to stay in Xianghe Commercial Plaza. However, at the beginning of these foreign coffee chain giants entering the layout of Lijiang, Lijiang's local coffee chain brand "Restaurant Cat" has risen and rolled out the network layout of its stores. According to the winner's website, the third store of the "Restaurant Cat" Cafe has been stationed in Hanqi Street, the north gate of Shuhe Ancient Town, Lijiang, and officially opened on September 20.

Only Cat Cafe

Build Internet Coffee Brand based on the advantage of Yunnan Coffee Resources

"Restaurant Cat" Caf é was founded in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, and the brand was jointly founded by four aspiring people, Xu Zhengxiong, Xie Wen, he Jing and Chen Sha, all of whom had their own brands. Later, based on the United States Coffee Company, the coffee experience brand was jointly established, hence the name "Restaurant Cat Coffee".

Interior layout of ● Cafe

In the environment in which the retail industry has been hit by e-commerce, many retailers have embraced the Internet layout of all channels, however, "restaurant cat" is a brand developed based on the Internet. As Yunnan has a long history of coffee development, product quality and other resource advantages, in 2010, Hemei Coffee Company, under the leadership of major shareholder Xu Zhengxiong, established an one-stop coffee planting, production, processing and sales industry chain. In 2012, Xu Zhengxiong met Xie Wen, he Jing and Chen Sha, three partners interested in e-commerce, decided to join hands to enter the field of e-commerce, and the "restaurant cat" brand was established. At the beginning of the brand, the four founders regarded young people as the main consumer group according to the characteristics of e-commerce consumers.

● Coffee Coffee layout E-commerce

As a product of the Internet era, compared with other coffee brands, "Restaurant Cats" has earlier layout and wider sales channels in e-commerce platforms. At present, online stores have been set up on well-known e-commerce platforms such as Taobao,, Meituan, Dianping, Elephant Circle, city business cards and so on. Subsequently, the company's business also gradually began to develop in this aspect of offline experience.

In the future, chain stores will be opened in the core commercial properties of well-known cities in Yunnan.

On May 20, 2015, the first experience store of "Restaurant Cat" settled in Mishi Lane, Xinyi Street, the ancient city of Lijiang. Two months later, the second experience store opened opposite Longtan Square on Huama Street in Lijiang, together with the Hebei store that opened on the 20th of this month. At present, "Restaurant Cat" has opened three offline experience stores based on coffee product display and tasting in Lijiang. In addition, "Restaurant Cat" has signed an agreement with Lijiang Heye Square, and the fourth store is expected to open in February 2016. According to the company's expansion plan, Lijiang will open a total of 5 stores. After the layout of stores in Lijiang market tends to be saturated, "only Cats" will also set up chain stores in Dali and other famous cities in Yunnan Province. According to the current store layout, the experience stores of "Restaurant Cats" are mainly concentrated in the core commercial districts of hot spots in the ancient city of Lijiang and the ancient town with a certain number of people, and are now beginning to expand to shopping centers.

Inside the cat in the ● restaurant

So, for e-commerce elaborate layout of the "restaurant cat" under the experience store is how? As the origin and development of coffee are inextricably linked with cats, and the brand is also named "Restaurant Cat", the "Restaurant Cat" Caf é uses all kinds of "cats" as store decoration elements, including righteous black cat sheriff, naive jingle cat, clumsy Garfield and lovely hello kitty. In the Cat Caf é, customers can not only learn about the meaningful origin and culture of coffee, learn how to distinguish between good and bad coffee beans, but also order a cup of coffee, enjoy the beauty of the ancient city and town, and spend a lazy afternoon.

● Coffee Coffee logo

At present, the products of "Restaurant Cat" include instant products, roasted powder, coffee beans, Kopi Luwak, etc., the price ranges from 15 yuan to 228 yuan, the price of cup products is controlled within 50 yuan, and the price of foreign coffee cups is slightly higher. however, based on the advantage of the company's whole industry chain, the price of famous coffee products of "Restaurant Cat" will still be higher than that of other brands. In order to celebrate the opening, the store in Hebei Province has also launched a 10-day free trial for consumers to taste high-quality coffee since the 21st.

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