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Which is better, Yunnan four Cats Coffee or Nestle Coffee? How about cat coffee? is it a fake scam? why is it so cheap?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) Today we will introduce a unique flavor and logo coffee shop in Shuhe Coffee Cafe. Restaurant cat is located in Shanqie Food City at the north gate of Shuhe River, is a company specializing in Yunnan small-grain coffee, coffee collection

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"Restaurant Cat" is a company specializing in Yunnan small-grain coffee, coffee cultivation, processing and production, online marketing, store direct sales as one of the company, mainly selling instant coffee.

Which is better than Nestle coffee, in fact, almost, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to drink a strong taste, you can choose Nestle coffee, if you want to support domestic products, you can choose four cat coffee.

The difference between the two is that Nestl é coffee uses Yunnan Arabica coffee beans mixed with Hainan Robusta coffee beans, and more than 98% of the raw materials used by restaurants are Yunnan alpine coffee beans.

Robusta coffee beans are characterized by strong taste, mellow and bitter, as long as the right amount of added, can effectively improve the richness and mellow sense of coffee. But if you add too much, the coffee will show a bitter and unpalatable taste.

The coffee of the four cats uses Katim coffee beans grown in Yunnan. Katim belongs to the Arabica mixed Robusta breed, which is not as delicate as the purebred Arabica coffee beans, but will be much better than the purebred Robusta. Simply drink Yunnan Alpine Katim coffee, the coffee taste will show slightly sour, nutty and herbal flavor.

In order to better suit the taste needs of all consumers, these two brands of coffee usually add sugar and plant fat powder. Excessive daily intake is likely to increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so instant coffee intake is not recommended to more than 2 cups a day, after drinking, you can gargle with water to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

If you want to drink more healthily, you can try hanging-ear coffee bags made from freshly roasted coffee beans. For example, Qianjie flagship store sells "Qianjie hanging ear Coffee bag". The hanging-ear coffee bags sold in front street are all freshly roasted coffee beans. After the coffee beans are roasted and cooled, they will be reasonably ground, sub-packaged, and packaged separately. There will be 10 small bags of 10g each in each bag of hanging ear coffee, and the best taste period is 30 days.


There are also boutique coffee beans grown at high altitudes in Yunnan Province. Katim coffee beans with high quality cards and fully ripe fruits sun-dried from 1450-1550m planted in Baoshan, Yunnan Province.


Without milk, the taste of coffee is as follows: sweet and sour red berries, mellow dark chocolate, roasted nut aroma and caramel sweetness. After adding milk, the coffee tastes like berry milkshake, chocolate and caramel nuts.

Brewing method of hanging-ear coffee: brewing steps:

1. Make sure the cup you choose is big enough that you can't get in touch with the extracted coffee during brewing.

two。 Open the earbag and pull open the cards on both sides and hang them on the cup.


3. Pour 30ml water for the first time and let the coffee powder stew for 20-30 seconds.

4. Next, inject water twice at intervals of 10 seconds, each time about 60ml

5. After brewing, pick up the earbag and throw it away, you can enjoy healthy and fragrant coffee.