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What are the characteristics of SOE coffee? is it good to make espresso with SOE beans?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) order coffee in the cafe, have you been asked by the barista: would you like to try our SOE? Was it confusing to hear the word SOE for the first time? As a matter of fact, SOE was already ten years ago.

Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style)

The coffee wave is now in the third wave of coffee. The mainstream of the current coffee wave is fine coffee, which attaches great importance to the quality of coffee beans and emphasizes the importance of the excellent taste and unique taste of coffee. So there are a lot of individual coffee. Qianjie Coffee has been open for seven years, and there are countless individual items of coffee offered to guests. However, Qianjie will stick to its original intention in the wave of boutique coffee and provide guests from afar with a satisfactory cup of coffee, so that it is worth the trip.

If you pay close attention, you will find that many coffee shops will use hand-brewed coffee to show the flavor of a coffee producing area. The same is true in Qianjie, where every guest who comes to Qianjie coffee is provided with a cup of hand-brewed coffee at the right temperature, and slowly taste the flavor of this cup of coffee. The concept of single product is gradually infiltrating into the field of espresso. So the idea of SOE coffee came into being.

In daily life, you may hear SOE latte, SOE American saying, which is actually a latte or American coffee made from a single coffee base. In front of the street, we also met many guests who asked us what coffee beans were used as the base for our espresso. The espresso of Qianjie Coffee is made of beans in the warm sun, which is dominated by Honduran coffee Shirley, plus Yega Xuefei sun-tanned cherries. Of course, Qianjie Coffee also provides sun-treated Rosa mixed beans for consumers to choose from. If you are interested, you can come to Qianjie Coffee Shop for consultation.


But if you hear SOE blended beans, it means that SOE coffee may not be understood correctly. SOE coffee can only be beans from a single origin, which means that more than two kinds of beans, or beans from different places, are mixed to achieve the desired coffee flavor. So SOE coffee can't be called "mixed beans". Qianjie also has its own matching beans. When comparing individual coffee beans, Qianjie found that if some beans are too bitter or too sour, they can be combined to achieve a balanced taste, sweet and sour taste, and high alcohol thickness.


Generally speaking, blended beans are better than SOE coffee in that different beans can be used to complement each other. If the beans are well matched, the flavor of the blended beans will combine the advantages of the coffee beans and extract a very balanced taste and an unusually aromatic thick fat. SOE amplifies the characteristics of beans, especially lightly baked beans, which have strong aromas and irritating sweet and sour tastes. Qianjie found that many coffee shops like to use Yega Xuefei to make SOE coffee. The fragrance of the extracted flowers will be very obvious and the taste will be sour, which is very suitable for lovers who like the sour taste.

The popularity of SOE coffee is a testament to the increasing demand for coffee quality in Qianjie. A delicious SOE coffee can greatly improve your impression of this coffee shop. SOE coffee represents espresso from a single origin, and coffee from the same producing area can also be called a single product. So in general, SOE coffee will choose coffee beans that can highlight the basic flavor of the producing area. Mantenin coffee taste is very prominent, the entrance has a flavor of herbal plants, but if you choose mantenin as a single SOE concentrate, with 90 degrees high pressure extraction of mantenin taste will be very bitter, few people will accept this taste, however, there will also be coffee gods with mantenin can also extract delicious SOE coffee.


Of course, Qianjie does not mean that SOE is equal to fine coffee, it means that beans must be lightly roasted. In the eyes of Qianjie, these statements are too absolute. In fact, whether Arabica beans or Robota beans can be used to make espresso.

In fact, we do not have to regard SOE coffee as a very advanced coffee. Qianjie believes that it is nothing more than replacing the beans used to make espresso coffee with single coffee beans, or according to the traditional method to make a cup of espresso by espresso machine under high pressure extraction. However, compared with traditional Italian coffee beans, the flavor of SOE coffee is more difficult to extract, and the extraction parameters, extraction time, grindability of coffee powder, and the amount of powder of each SOE product all need to be reproduced and adjusted.


In front of the street, it seems that making a good cup of SOE coffee will test the coffee shop's patience and understanding of coffee beans. So, when a coffee shop recommends your own SOE coffee, a simple cup of SOE coffee may be a delicious cup of coffee after baristas keep failing.

There are similarities between SOE coffee and mixed beans. Blended beans are made of more than two kinds of coffee beans. Qianjie also has its own blended beans. Used to make espresso is a warm sun blended bean, which is dominated by Honduran Shirley Coffee, plus Yega Shirley sun-tanned cherries. Qianjie blended beans combine the advantages of two kinds of coffee to create a high sense of balance.


Although the mixed beans have a good sense of balance, the flavor is not characteristic enough. And the flavor of SOE single coffee will be very outstanding, if the production process is good enough, professional enough, the Italian concentrate will be very delicious and impressive. The quality of a basic type of beans largely determines the quality of this cup of coffee. Because SOE individual coffee will magnify the quality of the beans themselves, and it is difficult to maintain its flavor.

Now many boutique coffee shops have SOE coffee, but the front street does not put SOE coffee on the menu, because SOE coffee is an espresso extracted from individual coffee beans, and coffee beans will be affected by the weather, planting and roasting factors, which will make the flavor of different batches of each bean different, which can not guarantee the stability of coffee flavor. This is why the front street does not produce SOE coffee.

Although Qianjie has not produced SOE coffee yet, it is very optimistic about the prospect of SOE coffee. Because the emergence of SOE coffee shows that we are not deepening the concept of high-quality coffee for the quality of coffee. Maybe the next time you come to Qianjie Coffee, you will also see SOE Coffee, so please wait and see.

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