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Smart filter cup use method teaching: smart cup use formula-temperature / powder-water ratio / soaking time parameter suggestion

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional coffee knowledge exchange more coffee bean information please follow the coffee workshop (Wechat official account cafe_style) smart cup use skills smart cup extraction principle introduction to hand coffee seems simple, in fact, to master a lot of technical details, the need to prepare too much equipment, hand brewing process of different factors may be created


Hand-brewing coffee seems simple, but there are many techniques and details to master. Different types of equipment may cause different flavor changes in the process of hand-brewing. Today, Qianjie recommends a convenient and easy-to-use extraction filter cup-Smart Cup, which integrates immersion extraction and filter extraction, which can be called "coffee novice artifact".

Introduction to the extraction principle of Smart Cup

The smart cup can usually be divided into two layers, the outer layer is the frame supporting the filter cup, and the inner layer is the cup body with press switch valve.


As long as it is laid flat on the table, the valve will be closed, the coffee liquid will not flow down, and the powder will be soaked. When the immersion is complete, the middle of the chassis is pressed, prompting the piston valve to open, allowing the coffee liquid to flow into the lower container.

Compared with the direct trickling filter cup such as v60, the smart cup has more function of immersion extraction, which is to keep the water and coffee powder in contact with each other in the container. The soaking style is less affected by water injection, and it is easier for beginners to copy the basic flavor of coffee. Flavor substances will produce different flavor and concentration changes with the level of water temperature, the ratio of powder to water, the thickness of grinding degree and the time of soaking.


The usage of Smart Cup

As mentioned above in the front street, it is easy to use a smart cup to soak the extracted coffee, so we can use it as a lazy version of the French pressure pot, here is the front street to share how to use this lazy version of the smart cup. There are only five things to prepare: a smart cup, filter paper, coffee powder, hot water and a cup that can be filled with coffee.


The thickness of coffee powder will be slightly thicker than that of hand-brewed coffee. In front Street, it is recommended that the medium and shallow roasted coffee beans should be moderately grinded (75% of the standard sieve 20 pass rate). The grindness of medium and deep roasted coffee beans is medium-coarse grinding (70% of the standard sieve 20 has passed). The water temperature is the same as the grinding degree, the higher the temperature is, the easier it is to release flavor substances, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the soaking process decreases, so the temperature will be higher than that of hand flushing. Qianjie recommends using 93 ℃-94 ℃ to extract light roasted coffee beans and 90 ℃-91 ℃ to brew medium and deep roasted coffee beans.

The amount of powder is generally according to personal preference. In the front street, 15g per person is taken as an example, and the ratio of powder to water is 1:16, that is, 240g of water is injected at once.

Here in Qianjie, Huakui coffee beans from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia are selected. The sun treatment shows the acidity and sweetness of tropical fruits.


Filter cup: smart cup water temperature: 94 degrees Celsius powder content: 15g powder water ratio: 1:16 Grinding degree: medium (sieve bowl 20 to 75%)


The filter paper of the smart cup uses large fan-shaped filter paper. After placing the filter paper in the smart cup, wet it with a small amount of water to make it fit better with the filter cup, you can put in the ground coffee powder, and at the same time return the electronic weight to zero and time. Then pour hot water, hot water needs to use a higher temperature, the front street is recommended at 94-95 degrees Celsius. Pour 16 times the amount of powder at one time, and the street used to use 15g of powder, that is, the water poured into 240ml. Then you can close the lid and wait for 4 minutes.


After 4 minutes, you can gently shake the smart cup and put it on your cup so that the coffee will be filtered to your cup. Cleaning up is also very simple, that is, pick up the filter paper and throw it away, and then rinse the smart cup with water, is it much easier than the French kettle? In this way, the coffee extracted by soaking in a smart cup has a high cleanliness, good alcohol thickness, sweet and round.

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