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The practice of lattes: how to make lattes at home

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Practice: use utensils and materials. The right amount of deep-roasted coffee beans (about 7 grams of coffee powder in a mug standard) Italian coffee machine syrup. Soak the cup (warm cup) in hot water to raise the temperature and then pour out the excess water for use. An easier way is to put the coffee cup on the espresso.

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A lot of friends asked about the front street coffee, why is the same use of the front street coffee store "sunflower warm sun mix coffee beans" to make latte coffee, taste and shop drink some differences, why is this?

First of all, latte coffee in the most traditional explanation is actually milk + coffee (there is no fixed type of coffee), later Starbucks launched latte coffee is Italian espresso + milk practice, and widely implemented in stores around the world, so slowly the industry has consumers to latte coffee understanding is Italian espresso + milk.


In fact, coffee + milk is latte coffee ~ but everyone will see this article, most likely want to know how to make a good Italian latte coffee at home ~ front street coffee also does not continue to run off topic hahaha! Enter the topic immediately.

It's not hard to make lattes like coffee shops. As long as the coffee beans and milk mix is selected properly, stable and reasonable espresso extraction and reasonable milk to coffee ratio.

The choice of coffee beans is very important, it is directly leading to the flavor trend of latte coffee beans. For example, many guests praise the latte flavor of Qianjie Street is very special. In fact, it is because Qianjie uses its own sunflower warm sun coffee beans. It is made of Yega Sherry red cherry and Honduran sherry. The latte coffee made has vanilla cream, wine fragrance, caramel and chocolate flavor.


In addition to choosing the right coffee beans, the cultivation period is also very important. Once a guest reported that the purchase of warm sun mix did not make the flavor of drinking in the front street store, the reason is that the coffee beans are too fresh, can not extract the coffee flavor, after a few days, the guest said to extract the flavor. According to the production test of Front Street, the Italian coffee beans of Front Street are in the best state after 10-14 days of cultivation, and the taste period is about 50 days. In addition to coffee beans, milk will also have an impact on the flavor and taste of lattes. Before the street, several common fresh milks on the market were evaluated. For more information, please click "here" for reference.


The next important influence is the extraction of espresso coffee, some friends will attribute the quality of espresso coffee to the difference in the machine, with a tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of coffee machine is better than a few thousand yuan home machine. In fact, this statement is correct, but the quality of coffee made by coffee machines of 100,000 yuan and several thousand yuan is not as big as everyone thinks. Qianjie has also used several thousand yuan of home appliances, if only 2-3 cups a day, the quality of the product is completely fine. Of course, if it is only a few hundred yuan toy machine, or grinding bean extraction machine, the quality of extracted coffee will be visually different. The problem with espresso extraction is nothing more than the right parameters, such as the basic formula used in the front street: the ratio of powder to liquid is 1:2, the time is 25-30 seconds, and there is no abnormality in the extraction process. (Abnormal refers to channel effect, flow instability, perforation sputtering...)


Regarding the ratio of coffee to milk, many friends asked Qianjie, latte plus one shot or two shots, coffee to milk ratio is a few to a few. Some friends, after asking about latte recipes at other coffee shops, took this recipe and asked Front Street if this was the standard latte recipe. In this regard, if you still think about this problem, you can follow the thinking of the front street. The ratio of coffee to milk affects what, nothing more than milk too much will cover up the coffee flavor, milk too little will be too bitter, so the right ratio is actually in milk and coffee to find a balance point.


If you figure this out, you should realize that there is no precise standard ratio on the data, because everyone uses different coffee beans, milk may also be different, even if you make the so-called standard latte according to other people's ratio, will it still taste the same? So let's put aside the cold data and start with the taste of coffee. For example, latte coffee has an approximate ratio range of approximately "coffee: milk =1:4 to 1:8", with the maximum and minimum values being twice the amount. If you extract espresso using traditional black, shiny espresso beans, it may require more milk to maintain the balance of flavor, assuming the result is 1:7. A lighter SOE, on the other hand, has a less intense flavor, and adding more milk will overshadow the coffee flavor and unbalance it. Assuming that the ratio is 1:4, this latte is the best, then the two lattes are not equally good. Therefore, when you get the data formula of latte coffee, you can refer to it properly, and don't regard it as a secret recipe.


Send out the delicate fluidity of good milk foam is conducive to fusion and add taste, send tutorial can refer to "here", send milk foam and fusion this part of the front street did not start to say, mainly because home homemade latte, if from the taste, do not seek to sell, milk foam and fusion technology can be optional, make latte coffee does not have to send milk foam, you can only heat milk, fusion can use a spoon to stir. If you insist that only lattes with milk foam and flowers have soul, then please practice your skills seriously! Finally, coffee shops make lattes that taste better than their friends at home, mainly because coffee shops try all kinds of unsatisfactory lattes before they hand you good lattes, and constantly adjust from coffee beans, milk selection, espresso extraction parameters, milk and coffee ratio to the right state.