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How fine does the espresso powder fit? how to grind the espresso?

Published: 2024-07-14 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/07/14, First, the choice of coffee beans to make Espresso coffee beans, please be sure to choose to mix coffee beans, the so-called blended coffee beans are roasted with two or more kinds of coffee according to a certain proportion. The main reasons for choosing to mix coffee beans are as follows: compared with individual coffee, spelling

1. Choice of coffee beans

For Espresso, make sure you choose medium or dark roasted beans, either blended or single origin. The so-called blended coffee beans are mixed with two or more single coffee beans in a certain proportion and roasted into comprehensive coffee beans. Blended coffee beans are chosen for their richer and more balanced taste than single-serve coffee, such as chestnuts_with a slight bitterness of mantnin to neutralize the slight acidity of Colombia, and with mild Brazil to achieve a relative balance.

Moreover, when choosing coffee beans, attention should be paid to identifying good and bad from two aspects: "see" and "smell".

See also: See whether the roasting depth of coffee beans is between medium and deep roasting. Any roasting degree not in this range is not qualified for making Espresso beans. See whether there is oil on the surface of coffee beans. The oil is likely to be caused by the coffee beans being placed for too long, which will lead to the decline of the taste quality of Espresso. According to the roasting date of coffee beans, the best drinking date of unopened coffee beans for making Espresso is between 1 month and 3 months after roasting. Please use them within 2 weeks after opening, otherwise the taste quality will drop sharply.

② Smell: Smell whether coffee beans have an uncomfortable taste, such as rubber, stale, iodine, etc. Coffee belongs to substances that easily absorb the taste of the surrounding environment. It absorbs other bad tastes during transportation, storage and baking, so it is necessary to choose a dry and odorless environment when preserving.

Second, the grinding degree of coffee beans

Suitable grinding degree is one of the important links in making Espresso. Good grinding machine and proper adjustment of thickness are the basic standards for controlling this link. Italian coffee powder in 25~28s out of 1:2 coffee solution. (Do fancy coffee can be more than a certain amount of coffee, but the flow rate must be subject to this) So the appropriate degree of thickness, performance in the coffee outflow flow rate, the general adjustment method is to adjust to the approximate size, and then use time and flow rate as a standard, adjust to close to accurate parameters, if there is still a small deviation, then use powder or reduce the amount of powder adjustment.


Flow too fast, oil extraction is not sufficient, coffee lack of aroma; flow too fast, bitter, sour, astringent taste will be doubled amplification. (None of these things necessarily happen, just a general phenomenon in probability