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Can you make a cold extract with coffee beans? What is the right proportion for cold-extracted coffee formula?

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, On a hot summer day, take a sip of iced coffee to relieve the heat and refresh you! So have you ever tried to make a cup of cold coffee by blending (mixing more than two kinds of beans)? Today, the front street will open the door to the new world of cold extracted beans. The characteristics of cold extracted coffee the biggest difference between cold extracted coffee and hot coffee is


On a hot summer day, have some iced coffee to cool off the heat and refresh yourself! So have you ever tried blending (mixing more than two beans) to make a cup of cold coffee?


?Today, let's open the door to a new world of cold extraction beans from Qianjie ~

Characteristics of Cold Coffee

The biggest difference between cold coffee and hot coffee is that cold coffee is extracted with low temperature water for a long time, so the water-soluble flavor substances will be more, the taste will be more intense, the taste will be more mellow, and the small molecular substances such as flower fragrance will become less and less obvious with the increase of storage time. (This is also the reason why freshly extracted and filtered cold-extracted coffee has a distinct aroma of fruit and fruit acids, but after two or three days of storage, only fermented aroma remains.)


Why do you use coffee beans?

In contrast to single-serve coffee,"blend" uses a blend of "more than two" coffee beans. The rise of a single origin, often let everyone ignore the charm of the match, from the point of view of the store production, the use of "match" coffee beans, one can create a stable taste formula; Second, you can get a more compatible coffee flavor; Third, you can reduce costs.

"Blending" coffee beans may be more common in Italian coffee, but in fact it is not limited to this, for hand infusion, siphon, ice drops and other different types of coffee are OK.

Without considering the production, just as a summer medicine for your own home, there is only one purpose for "blending" coffee beans for cold extraction: delicious! That is, using different coffee beans, the advantages of each single coffee bean are fully exerted and superimposed, and finally a cup of coffee with richer flavor and better coordination is obtained.


To make formula coffee, you must first taste coffee from different origins and have an in-depth understanding of coffee flavors in order to mix delicious formulas. In this regard, Qianjie shares some personal diy blending cold coffee beans mental journey, for everyone's reference.

Test 1: 50% Claw (anaerobic sun exposure)+50% Molitor (water washing treatment)

Anaerobic sun treatment of the claw with a strong berry tone, cold extraction with a light fermentation aroma; and water treatment of the Moritou rose summer jasmine flowers, and a little tea feeling, the two combined to make coffee fruity acid aroma more full, more layered feeling. The deficiency is that the proportion of Greek claw is too high. Only when the extraction is completed can you taste the floral fragrance from Molitor, and more is the rich berry tone brought by Greek claw.


Experiment 2: 50% Baja (raisin honey treatment)+50% red cherry (washing treatment)

Raisin-treated Baja with dark berry tones, cold extraction of Baja is to bring a strong fermentation aroma, as well as smooth cocoa taste, in addition to 50% washed red cherry, to reconcile the strong fermentation, and bring a soft citrus acid aroma, so that coffee more refreshing good taste, the overall flavor is just right.


Experiment 3: 45% lychee orchid (barrel fermentation treatment)+55% sun red cherry

With the lesson of experiment 1, Qianjie appropriately reduced the proportion of special treatment beans, hoping to obtain more floral and fruity notes on the basis of rich fermentation aroma, but the results were unsatisfactory. The coffee extracted from the cold has a strong brandy flavor, but the floral acid tonality is not prominent, and the coffee is still good to drink, but it does not achieve the goal of 1+1>2.


Experiment 4: 50% strawberry sugar (raisin honey treatment)+50% flower (sun treatment)

This experiment was special. The strawberry candy extracted cold alone had the aroma of strawberry jelly. After adding the sun-dried flower in a ratio of 1:1, it increased the green tea-like sweetness under the strawberry flavor, as well as a little dark floral acidity. It tasted like strawberry scented tea with a long aroma.


Experiment 5: 60% Wangshan Manor Rose Summer (Black Honey Treatment)+40% Flower Queen (Sunlight)

The summer rose soaked in cold alone presents a light jasmine fragrance, which tastes like pineapple juice, but the taste is thin and the sweetness is insufficient; after adding the sun-dried flower, it gives this coffee green tea-like sweetness, the overall flavor changes from pineapple to dark fruit tones such as grapes and berries, and also brings a slight fermented wine fragrance with a long aftertaste.


After experimenting with several kinds of medium-light beans, the front street thought, must I use medium-light baked beans? Can you make a good cold extract out of deep-baked beans? So Front Street experimented with a deep-baked Brazilian queen estate, supplemented by a medium-light baked flower god, as follows:

Experiment 6: 40% Flower God (medium baked, washed)+60% Queen Manor (deep baked, sun baked)

This bean from the Brazilian Queen Estate is deeply roasted and has a bitter nutty, cocoa and dark chocolate flavor. In order to reconcile its cold extract under the heavy bitter tone, Qianjie chose to add a light roast of washed flower god, hoping that coffee in the original nutty dark chocolate tone, but also can get a little change in the fragrance of flowers and fruits. But all I got was a whiff of peanut butter that went straight to my head, with a hint of black and nutty rhyme, putting a mask of pain on many of the Front Street baristas.🤡


The above is just the experience of the former street barista in daily production of cold extract coffee, try to "mix" a more distinctive cold extract coffee formula, some unexpectedly good to drink, some to the barista put on a pain mask, but this is also one of the charm of "mix" coffee beans, I hope everyone can also mix their own unique formula ~

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