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Indonesian PWN Gold Mandrine Coffee Origin Features Flavor How to Chong? Mandolin coffee is American.

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Professional barista communication Please pay attention to coffee workshop (Weixin Official Accounts cafe_style) Sumatra Gold Mandheling Sumatra Mandheling Unique flavor Sumatra environment The coffee grown in the soil is full of woody tonality and mellow taste, restrained flavor and lively and moderate

Golden Manning, as a unique boutique coffee in Indonesia, has a strong flavor of herbs and dark chocolate, mellow and smooth taste, with a nutty finish, which is sweet when you think about it. Qianjie Coffee believes that friends who have drunk this kind of beans all know that this kind of coffee has very obvious characteristics.

Sumatra Gold Manning Sumatra Mandheling

When it comes to Golden Manning, PWN is the only company we have to mention. The full name of PWN is Pwani Coffee Company Coffee Company. This is a very famous coffee acquisition company in Indonesia, mainly buying Manning Coffee. It has acquired almost all the best producing areas in Indonesia, so most of the beans produced by PWN are unique boutiques. Gold Mantning is the product produced by this company. After the acquisition of raw beans, the beans are selected by hand to select the full and flawless beans. Finally, these beans can be divided into Golden Manning as if they had gone through the draft. Qianjie Coffee believes that the quality of Golden Manning can definitely be called the first-class Indonesian Mantenin.


Unique flavor

The coffee grown in the environmental soil of Sumatra is rich in woody tone and mellow taste, restrained flavor and lively and moderate acidity, as well as unique flavors such as herbal medicine, cedar, cocoa, fermented fruit and so on. Among them, Mantenin is the most classic coffee bean among the coffee beans produced in Indonesia, accounting for only 25% of the Arabica coffee species, with an excellent classic taste, strong taste, mellow and lively movement, but not astringent, not sour, mellow and bitter. When tasting Mantenin, it can be lubricated on the tip of the tongue, with a hint of herbaceous aromas, sweet cocoa and fruity aromas, with a long finish. Generally speaking, fans of Manning drink as a single drink, but Manning is also an indispensable variety of mixed coffee.

Introduction of origin

Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia, located above the equator, with a tropical rain forest climate, high temperature, humidity and abundant rainfall. Small coffee farmers usually grow in primitive mountains, and their water resources are very precious, so a unique "wet peeling" sectional drying method (Giling Basah, Wet hulling) has been developed here, which adds a different flavor to Sumatra coffee from other regions. Of the coffee beans produced in Indonesia, 25 per cent are Arabica and the remaining 75 per cent are Robusta, while fine Arabica coffee from northern Sumatra is sold on the market as Lintong and Mandheling.

Planting history of producing area

In the 17th century, the Dutch introduced Arabica saplings to Java for the first time and gradually expanded to Sumatra and other Indonesian islands. In 1877, a large-scale rust disease hit the Indonesian islands, almost destroying Arabica trees planted at low elevations, and many farmers had to give up Arabica coffee trees that had been operated for many years. Robusta coffee trees with strong disease resistance were introduced from Africa, and only a few Arabica trees were still planted at high elevations, while these remaining Arabica species It is the ancestor of Manning and Lindong Coffee, which are famous for their unique flavor.

Treatment mode

As the local weather is often dominated by Rain Water, with continuous typhoons, it is impossible to achieve the good weather needed for the sun, and the local economy is not good, so it is also impossible to use the more expensive way of washing. For various reasons, the wet planing method with local characteristics is derived (the wet planing method is to dry the parchment in the sun for 2-3 days with a water content of 20-24% to remove the parchment during the ordinary washing process.

The ultra-fast speed of wet planing also causes Manning to have a higher defect rate, and Golden Manning can avoid this shortcoming very well. The specification of Gold Manning is more than 19 mesh, and there are less than 3 defective beans (300g raw bean samples). It belongs to the highest grade G1, the color is dark green, and it is a neat flat bean.


Front street baking parameters

Qianjie chose to drop the beans before the second explosion, retaining a little soft acidity. Taste high sweetness, rich and mellow, flavor: baked toast, pine, caramel, cocoa, slightly herbaceous soil flavor.

The dewatering rate of medium and deep baked beans is generally higher, so the weight is relatively light, and the powder does not sink completely at the bottom when cooking, and the injected water will be absorbed immediately at the beginning, because the exhaust powder is surrounded by bubbles, and the more fresh the beans in these channels, the longer the maintenance time, so that the water level drops rapidly. I usually use thick water to circle slowly.

Sharing of Qianjie cooking plan

Qianjie recommends using freshly roasted coffee beans for brewing, so that you can maximize the rich flavor of the coffee. The coffee beans shipped in Qianjie are all roasted within 5 days, because Qianjie is well aware that the freshness of coffee beans has a great impact on the flavor. The purpose of Qianjie roasting is "freshly roasted coffee", so that every guest who places an order is the freshest coffee when he receives it. The bean cultivation period of coffee is about 4-7 days, so when the guest gets it, it is the time when the flavor is the best.

Filter cup: Kono filter cup

Water temperature: 86 ℃

Amount of powder: 15g

Powder / water ratio: 1:15

Degree of grinding: medium and fine grinding (pass rate of No. 20 screen 70%)

The reason for choosing the Kono filter cup: the Kono filter cup has few ribs and is located at the low end, and the filter paper is attached to the filter cup, which can limit the airflow to increase the contact time between water and coffee powder, so that the coffee powder can be fully extracted and enhance the mellow taste.

Segmented extraction

Steam with 30 grams of water for 30 seconds, small water flow around the circle to 125 grams for sectional injection, water level drop is about to expose the powder bed, continue to inject water to 225 grams to stop injection, and so on when the water level drop is about to expose the powder bed, remove the filter cup, (steaming starts timing) the extraction time is 2 minutes 39 percent 00 ".


Generally speaking, the medium and deep baked [Golden Manning] can show its caramel, pine, high-quality herbs, slight spices and bring a solid taste. However, due to the serious impact of the epidemic, the resources of ships from Indonesia to China in the new production season of 2020 are so tight that the gold Mantenin, which was originally scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong in October, arrived a month late. Qianjie coffee also evaluated the beans as soon as they were received. It is different from the previous mantenin in flavor, compared with other mantenins, golden mantenin will have stronger sweet and sucrose aromas. Although we all know that only PWN's Mantenin will be called Golden Manning, but in fact, the annual output of PWN is not much, so a large part of the selected gold Mantning is not from PWN, if you are not sure, you might as well ask the seller to provide the certificate that comes with the beans.

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