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Coffee shop forbids standing up to take photos: no need to enter the store if you don't agree!

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop according to Bailu video report, an online celebrity coffee shop in Fuzhou, Fujian Province issued a public notice on Aug. 23, banning standing photos, changing photos and all shooting tools, and so on. Customers need to agree before they can enter the store for consumption, causing a heated discussion on the Internet. It is understood that

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An online celebrity coffee shop in Fuzhou, Fujian province, issued a public notice on Aug. 23 banning standing photos, changing clothes, and all shooting tools, and customers need consent before they can enter the store for consumption, causing a heated discussion on the Internet, Bailu Video reported.

It is understood that the notices issued by the coffee shop are posted at the entrance, including: no standing photos, no flash, no random movement of seats, no all shooting tools, no changing clothes, no taking out food in the store, please press the site list, and so on. Customers need to agree before they can enter the store, and if they disagree, they do not need to enter the store.

In response, netizens who have spent money said on the comment website that all kinds of publicity content of the store on the social platform was "suitable for taking photos" as a selling point to attract customers, but when they arrived at the store, they were told that they could not use flash to take pictures. I don't understand. At that time, the clerk also stressed that "this is a restaurant for people to eat."


Commenting netizens mentioned that after accepting the merchant's rule, they planned to start ordering. Three people ordered two cakes, and the shop assistant said it was not in line with the rules and asked them to reconsider. When asked why, the clerk did not explain, but asked the other party to go to the door to see the rules and then come in to order. Subsequently, netizens and his party had no choice but to go to the door to check the details, only to find that it was a "point-by-point meal", but the shop assistant refused to explain directly.

In response to the controversy caused by rigid rules such as "no standing photos", the coffee shop responded that excessive shooting would affect other guests' dining, and many customer feedback had been used as a background wall. Due to the limited seats, in order to prevent unexplained occupancy, the entry rule of "order by position" was set up. These rules are designed to protect the privacy of guests and to provide a comfortable environment for guests who come specially to enjoy delicious food. I hope we can understand each other.


In addition, the store added that the food on the seat and in front of the store can be taken, but can not be moved to take pictures, let alone occupy the public space in the store to take pictures. It is forbidden to move seats because they have been broken before. In less than a week of business, some tables and chairs are damaged by customers moving at will. As for shooting tools, it is mainly forbidden to use tripods, cameras and other large equipment, as well as commercial shooting.

With regard to the entry rules set by the merchants, many netizens said that it was obvious that many bloggers had signed in before, not only shooting portraits, but also showing various angles of the layout of the store. and the copywriters all emphasize that "the environment is very out of film" and "very suitable for taking pictures." Now, however, the store has made a series of rules of "no shooting", which makes people feel very contradictory.


Moreover, the shopkeeper proposed to "only receive the customers who agree to the stipulation". If you don't accept it, you don't have to enter, and there is no compulsory consumption, which is actually a two-way choice between consumers and shopkeepers. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about the store's rules.


When it was mentioned that these rules of coffee shops caused so much controversy, some netizens analyzed that it was mainly because the merchants' way of expression was too tough, and the tone made people feel that they were "educating customers". If we put it in a softer way, it will not arouse people's dissatisfaction.


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