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Lie flat! I was scolded for "the title is too sad" and apologized with a pleasant smile!

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow the Daily Fine Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop on August 24th, the well-known tea brand Chayue official account released a tweet entitled "work hard for nothing", causing discussion and controversy among netizens. (at present, the article has been deleted. (it is understood that this tweet reads "slam dunk"

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On August 24, the official account of the well-known tea brand Cha Yan Yue released a tweet entitled "work hard for nothing", causing discussion and controversy among netizens. (at present, the article has been deleted. )


It is understood that this tweet begins with a "slam dunk", about the difference between teenagers and adults in the eyes of teas, and then publicizes its new product, "Young Zhuang Zhou," which will be officially launched at 0: 00 on August 25. At the end of the article, an interactive topic is put forward around "the spirit that readers lose on the way of growing up, and the moment when they feel that they are still a teenager".

Soon after the tweet was sent, many front-row fans echoed the theme in the comment area, "this title reminds me of another sentence: life is doing for nothing and doing nothing for nothing", "poked hard into the hearts of social animals, want to be a free man is always setting limits", "the first step to losing your youthful spirit: sleeping late every day, feeling that you are no longer young."


However, many readers believe that the title of this tweet has little to do with the text and do not understand the intention of the article. And many netizens said bluntly that they did not like the negative emotion conveyed by the title of the article, and the saying "work hard in vain" made people uncomfortable to read.


Subsequently, the news also rushed to Weibo hot search to attract more attention. As for the complaints caused by the pleasant face caused by the title of the tweet "too sad", many netizens feel that "it is not necessary", it is just a stem for the brand to promote new products, and there is no need to be so glassy.

In response to the controversy, the tea-faced official responded in the tweet message area: "what we wanted to express was more that, like the performance of our own youth series, the ups and downs in the past three years, maybe the efforts may not necessarily get the desired results, but we might as well cherish the efforts made in the process."


Finally, with regard to the controversial topic of the title of the article, the tea-faced official said that they were very sorry for the discomfort caused by the improper name of the tweet. In the future, we will be more careful in the formulation of the title to avoid misunderstandings caused by our own problems. Thank you very much for your reminders. And deleted the tweet this morning.

It is reported that this is not a pleasant look in the new product launch caused controversy. As early as 2021, the tea face was caught in a "storm of insulting girls" because of improper copywriting. In 2022, the brand's English name was translated as "SexyTea" in the sign of the new store in Nanjing, which once again sparked controversy among netizens, but the final result was still an apology.

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