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Drop 996! Is it a better choice to switch to a cafe?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, The number of stores like Lucky Cafe in Ruixingkudi exploded like a blowout. Obviously, autumn has passed, but independent cafes and baristas, like bamboo shoots after rain in spring, suddenly pop up one crop after another. Turn on your mobile phone and see that if there are no three cafes nearby, you must be on the edge of the city.

The number of stores like Lucky Cafe in Ruixingkudi exploded like a blowout. It is clear that autumn is over, but independent cafes and baristas, like bamboo shoots after rain in spring, suddenly pop up one crop after another. Turn on your mobile phone and see that if there are no three cafes nearby, then you must be on the edge of the city. When people reach middle age and switch to coffee, is it a better choice than 996?


For baristas, the answer is no. The coffee industry can also get this name through professional exams or professional exams, but because many of the job barriers also allow a little work experience to produce at the bar, but baristas and engineers, accountants are often a little different in their professional knowledge. On the other hand, because this profession can easily calculate the salary of baristas by the number of cups per day in the store and the number of employees on the job. With the exception of a few who are partial to food and beverage, pure cafes do not have the overturning rate of the catering industry. Therefore, from a variety of recruitment information, we can see that the income level of people in the industry will be lower than that of other occupations. at present, only some stores in Shanghai will have considerable income, and baristas in many cities are not ideal.

Excluding the reality of low income and endless cups, the industry still has a strong appeal to young people. first, the overall coffee conveys rejuvenation, a symbol of the kind of culture that young people pursue, and at the same time, the leisure of cafes gives them the illusion of less stress at work, chatting over coffee and giving them to work. I really can't stand the fact that there is a boss up there. This kind of manual work and investment in the cafe can easily make people have the impulse to be their own boss. This is also a choice in the lifestyle of young people earlier. At the worst, you can save a salary and do it yourself. It doesn't matter if you can't make money. The most important thing is that you are no longer a migrant worker.


Things have been changing quietly in the past year or two, and another force is merging with young people. The number of offices that pass by office buildings in the heart of the city every day and light up at night is not as many as 1/5 three years ago, and many of these people disappear have the same resonance as young people. Changing careers to cafes in middle age has become a hot topic, and a UP owner shared his 36-year-old study list on Little Red Book, which resonated with many people.


The UP host shared his preparatory work, including reading the Coffee Map of the World, the Coffee Baking Handbook and sensory Psychology. The note garnered 1500 likes and a collection of 2300, making it the most read note ever published by the food blogger. There are not a few people who participate in the comments, they all have similar ideas. There are 33-year-old business owners in international trade who are signing up for SCA classes, some have opened cafes to persuade people to think twice, and most people do not realize what kind of future they will face.

It's not difficult to start a shop. Money is fine. Opening a coffee shop is nothing more than joining and independent cafes, taking the joining route to open a shop, bearing the cost of site selection, daily expenses, solving machines and various design elements, according to the customer service of a well-known brand, the cost of opening an 80-square-meter store is about 800000, with a monthly income of 20, 000, and a return of two to three years. By contrast, the cost of opening an independent store is more manageable, but it may be difficult to recover the cost within a year. The continuous loss of the newly opened store is the first reality that beginners know but do not expect it to be so big.


At this stage, a large number of competitors may be wiped out, and the remaining shopkeepers in the coffee industry will have to face the normal competition of low prices. They never thought that this was a secure job that would not earn a lot of money and there was no pressure, but the reality is that even if you don't want to compete, you can't lose as hard as others. You sell 20 and sell 9.9 to open the store nearby, there is nothing you can do to face the reality. In the end, the shopkeeper who guards the shop every day may have to laugh at himself. This shop is for me and my friends to use. Only the shopkeeper knows about the sad tears.

It is an undeniable trend that coffee shops appear more and more around us and become a part of our daily life, but in this trend, if there is no good business direction, most people who give up 996 may eventually like to mention 007. Every literary and art youth will eventually have a dream of a coffee shop of his own. Before that, he may really need it and have no shortage of money.

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