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Take-out purchasing point becomes high imitation Starbucks? A store making and selling fake coffee has been investigated!

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop according to Shanghai Jiading October 26 reported that recently, Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone market supervision and management office received public reports, a coffee shop suspected of manufacturing and selling counterfeit Starbucks coffee. After receiving the report, the law enforcement personnel of the market immediately launched an investigation and found that this was

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Shanghai Jiading, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) recently, the market supervision and management of Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone has received a report from the public that a coffee shop is suspected of making and selling fake Starbucks coffee.


After receiving the report, market law enforcement officials immediately carried out an investigation and found that it was a non-Starbucks coffee shop, but there were a large number of cardboard boxes printed with Starbucks Logo in every corner of the store and its warehouse.

"he sells fake coffee in the name of a Starbucks coffee purchasing agency on the takeout platform." Li Wenguang, director of the Market Supervision and Management Institute of Jiading Industrial Zone, said, "the store uses the opening of a coffee shop as a 'cover', the means are hidden, subjective intention is obvious. After we received the tip-off, we immediately set up a special case team to concentrate superior forces to strictly investigate illegal acts. "


This behavior task force coordinated with the police of Loutang police station to investigate and deal with the coffee shop together. After investigation, since August 2023, without the authorization of Starbucks, the parties concerned have taken orders to make and sell fake Starbucks coffee in the name of "purchasing agents". When a consumer places an order in his Starbucks coffee purchasing agency, the parties will make fake Starbucks coffee products according to the requirements of the order, and then the parties will complete the distribution.

As of the day of investigation, the purchasing agency in Shanghai had been ordered to close down. The act of the party concerned is suspected of infringing upon the exclusive right to use a registered trademark. Law enforcement officials have seized and seized items with Starbucks Logo printed at the scene, including 5900 cups, 962 bottles of syrup and 18000 bags.


At present, law enforcement personnel have handed over some of the articles involved in the case to the trademark right holder for verification and identification, and the case is still under further investigation.

In fact, there have been frequent incidents of impersonating Starbucks as a purchasing agency for the manufacture and sale of fake coffee in recent years. Among them, the most well-known is the "fake Starbucks takeout" case reported by Sichuan Observatory last year. Not only in the brand logo, product prices, packaging consistent with Starbucks regular stores, sales are astonishing, as high as 729, involving more than 40,000 yuan.


The reason why these stores can "confuse the real with the fake" is not only because of the problems in the management and audit of the major takeout platforms, but also in large part because many materials with the Starbucks brand logo are readily available on the shopping platform.

For example, when we open Taobao to search Starbucks syrup and Starbucks paper bags, we can easily buy these products with Starbucks logos. Some consumers who have bought such syrup said: it still looks different from the color seen in Starbucks, but the taste is still similar.


Starbucks has a special delivery service, and the coverage is extremely high. Almost every store in every city has a takeout service, and consumers do not need to choose a purchasing agent service. At the same time, the incident also reflects the problems in the management and audit of the major takeout platforms. The relevant law enforcement departments said that they will interview the relevant person in charge of the takeout platform, and at the same time, they also remind consumers to choose formal stores for consumption when purchasing products and services.

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