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After quitting my job with a monthly salary of 2.5w, I went to work as a temp in a coffee shop

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Recently, a post entitled "after quitting my job with a monthly salary of 2.5w, I went to work as a temp in a coffee shop" has aroused heated discussion among netizens. According to the post blogger, it looks very "risky".

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What kind of job is a good job?

Recently, a post entitled "after quitting my job with a monthly salary of 2.5w, I went to work as a temp in a coffee shop" has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

According to the blogger who posted the post, the original intention of what looks like a "risky" idea is actually very simple.

As the blogger himself is particularly dependent on coffee, milk and tea at work, and yearns for the working environment of the beverage shop, he can't help thinking: "if you work in a coffee shop, there will be no phone harassment after work." there will be no intrigue between the pot and the office, you can see the sunshine during the day, and you can observe the lives of people of all professions. "

In addition, a part-time job in a coffee shop can also take the opportunity to learn a craft. "you can learn all kinds of drink recipes. I used to want to sign up for a barista certification class, so you might as well go directly to a coffee shop for a part-time job."

Most importantly, the word "freedom" is the deadliest attraction for many 996 office workers. As netizens say, as a temporary worker in a coffee shop, you can work as much as you like. If you are short of money, you will go to work for two days. If you are not short of money, you will continue to rest and lie flat. "23 yuan an hour, just schedule the shift in advance, and you can set your own working hours. I work two and a half days a week, !"

Under the description of the blogger, many netizens said "moved" one after another. "I also want to find such a job, no brain, no human relations, happy to make coffee and finish." "it's fine. I live for myself, and I'm thinking about whether I want to take a part-time job in a coffee shop. I love the taste of coffee. "


Among the netizens who have shared their experiences in the comment area, some have left the coffee industry to go to the office, and some have returned to the coffee environment from the office. The trajectory may be different, but the same is their view of the two working environments and content: "to be a barista, to wash endless quilts every day, to make endless coffee, to go home and go to sleep, but really happy, energetic at work, much happier than sitting in an office."


Some netizens agree with this professional attitude: "it's good, you can try a different working environment." You will find that there is no office facing the computer work, other jobs are also very interesting, probably different atmosphere has different pressure. Since retirement is still a long way off, it's better to have more experience. There's nothing wrong with it. "


It is not rare to quit a high salary and turn to the coffee industry. In addition, the position of "barista" can also be changed into florists, stalls, and maintenance workers. Why are these low-paid and tiring jobs so popular with the "ex-workers"? In fact, the key is whether physical work or mental work-the difference between physical fatigue and mental fatigue. Some netizens said: "the work itself is not so hard, what tortures people is mental internal friction." "what is tiring is communication and interpersonal relationships, as well as non-stop meetings and writing reports. if you work alone, it will actually bring people a sense of satisfaction and pleasure."


As netizens said, this is a kind of pure labor and simple happiness.

Now back to the beginning of the question, what kind of job is a good job? If it were you, would you give up your high salary and become a pure barista?

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