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Messy in the wind! Stand in line at 6: 00 Manner just to get a gift?!

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow | the first day of the weekend in the coffee workshop, when the cold wind is bleak, is supposed to be a good day to sleep in bed until noon. But today, at the gate of Manner in several cities across the country, there are already queues of hundreds of meters as soon as the genius lights up. Can't help but let

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It was the first day of the weekend, and it was a cold winter day. It should have been a good day to sleep in bed until noon. But today, at the Manner Gate in several cities across the country, there were already hundreds of meters of long queues at dawn. One couldn't help but wonder, what magic was it that made these young people leave their sleep and take the initiative to get up from their beds to blow the cold wind?


According to the netizens who came to the scene, the queue was located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other 7 Manner sugar cake theme stores, in order to punch cards and buy Manner new coffee, you can get a limited gift of 9ml Zu·Malon perfume and Christmas badge, limited to today and tomorrow two days.

Among them, the most spectacular team five length is located in Shanghai Xuhui Binjiang Store, under the sun, neat people and river scenery into a winter scenery line. According to some early bird players, they got up at 6:00 and arrived at the scene around 7:00, patiently waiting for the arrival of Manner workers. By the time the store opened at 9:00, the queue had reached about 300.


Of course, the other "teams" are not to be outdone, 5:30 alarm barely become "dragon head", ensure to receive perfume. After opening the door, groups of young people came one after another, messy in the wind.

Interestingly, a netizen who was busy queuing to buy banner on Tongren Road unexpectedly met star Ouyang Jing by chance. After asking if he could take a group photo, he got such an answer: "Yes, but first ask why the queue is here." In addition to attracting the attention of the stars, there were also people in the team who "quarreled" because of the insufficient number of gifts, and the picture suddenly became lively.


You know, the lowest outdoor temperature in Beijing this morning is 0 degrees, and Shanghai and Hangzhou are also in the range of 5 degrees. For Manner's bottle of perfume sample, we do not hesitate to set the alarm clock early on weekends, wrapped up down jacket, sweater, wool hat, scarf and other winter equipment to go out, in order to eliminate the chill, some people shake their legs, some people breathe to warm up, but also some people hold each other; Standing tired, there are people sitting directly out of the suitcase... Compared with going to work, these young people receive gifts heart can be much more positive!

I still remember Monday, Manner coffee official announcement and perfume brand Zu Malon joint, on the new winter limit "caramel cocoa latte." During the event, you can get a Zumaron perfume gift bag with 1.5ml random perfume samples, totaling 150,000 copies. On the 13th day, the perfume gift activity was too hot as soon as it was launched, resulting in network delay in Mini programs and failure to open normally.


The queue caused by this time was mainly due to the gift of Zu Malon perfume with a capacity of 9ml, which was much larger than the previous sample. Perhaps it was the weekend, and everyone had free time, so they were willing to get up early and wait for two or three hours in the cold wind to receive gifts. If nothing unexpected happens, with the active cooperation of the "wool party", tomorrow will be the same grand scene!

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