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Comparable to Kaiseru! Reason for one cup of coffee a day + 1!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for contemporary young people, "one cup of American style, one day is free", one cup of coffee a day is already a part of daily life. Beat the workers after a cup of coffee and work soberly from morning till night. Hipsters take a cup of coffee in hand and shoot advanced films every minute.

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For contemporary young people, "a cup of American style, a day is free", a cup of coffee a day has become a part of daily life. Beat workers after a cup of coffee, sober work from morning till night, hipsters take a cup of coffee in hand, shoot high-end films every minute, fitness talent drink a cup of coffee, the body's metabolic efficiency goes up.

It can be said that every coffee drinker has his own reasons, either because he likes it good, or for a clear head, and for a small number of people, the purpose of a cup of coffee a day is nothing else, only to solve their own constipation problems.

Recently, Lucky launched a new Christmas product, and netizens who went to try it gave their own recommended reasons, one of which was "a string of rare experts".

And this is not the first time Rui Xing's new product has received similar reviews. Before that, netizens who have tried raw cheese lattes and hot red wine American styles all said that "one cup emptied their belly inventory" and "drank half a cup. Emptied the stock for two days", "drank at noon, and went smoothly in the middle of the night."

Some netizens even admitted that they do not know how to taste coffee, can not drink coffee is good or bad, for themselves, a cup of coffee a day is just to play the role of Kaisailu.

But will only the drinks of Lucky's family receive such comments? Not really.

On social platforms, Starbucks' Red Fuji latte, Mstand's orange sugar latte, percent Spanish latte and Manner's nut cookie latte have all been reported by a small number of consumers that they need to go to the bathroom after drinking. Some of these netizens said it took a long time to get out after drinking laxative.

Unknown netizens will ask whether these brands of coffee have food safety problems more or less, so that there will be this kind of feedback of "diarrhea after drinking". In fact, this is not the case. for example, Ruixing, who is known as a "coffee cleaner", has very strict controls on food safety, and most coffee brands also have a set of strict food safety standards, so that consumers can safely choose their favorite coffee.

Only for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk protein, lattes containing milk and some creative coffee containing dairy products may not suit their stomachs, such as the raw cheese thick milk added to Lucky's raw cheese latte. It is the "culprit" that causes these consumers to go to the bathroom as soon as they finish drinking.

However, a small number of people said that they drink iced American coffee or black coffee will also go to the bathroom.

The former may be caused by the individual's inability to withstand the impact of ice drinks, which may have little to do with whether or not to drink coffee. As for the latter, scientific studies have shown that coffee can promote gastrointestinal movement to a certain extent, so some "chosen sons" can clear their intestines and feel better after drinking a cup of black coffee.

Although for some people suffering from constipation, a cup of coffee can indeed solve physical problems, but if you have gastrointestinal diseases, please carefully choose this "laxative device". Do not cause other physical problems in order to solve the problem of constipation.

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