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Dropped it! Starbucks, your bag is broken again!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | in the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop chain coffee brands, Starbucks has been practicing environmental protection, and the packaging materials are mostly made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials, such as biodegradable straws made from coffee grounds and environmentally friendly Kraft paper bags. Most netizens understand and support it.

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Among the chain coffee brands, Starbucks has been practicing environmental protection. Most of the packaging materials are degradable and environmentally friendly materials, such as biodegradable straws made of coffee grounds and environmentally friendly kraft paper bags.

Most netizens understand and support Starbucks 'environmental protection concept. Some netizens will also bring their own cups to consume, so as to reduce the use of plastic cups or paper cups. However, some netizens believe that Starbucks should also consider the actual use experience of customers while promoting environmental protection, because some environmentally friendly packaging is actually very difficult to use.

Yes! It is the paper single-cup bag commonly used in Starbucks stores now!

Netizens who have packed single cups of drinks in Starbucks for a long time should have an impression. At first, Starbucks 'single cup drinks were packed in single-cup kraft paper bags printed with logos, and later launched green non-woven single-cup bags. The materials are durable and consumers can use them repeatedly after receiving them.

This non-woven single cup bag has no big problem with a drink, but you can't put more than one straw, because the bag is designed with a net bag, and the straw will fall out of the hole in the net bag.

Therefore, the non-woven single-cup bag criticized by consumers has been replaced by today's paper single-cup bag. If a single drink needs to be packed, the clerk will put the drink in the round hole in the middle of the cardboard, lift both ends, and let the drink cup stick in the round hole with its own gravity.

After the package was launched, many netizens thought that such packaging was very environmentally friendly."This packaging method is really convenient and easy to use! "," this design is also very economical and great ah! "I think it's much better than that net bag. That net bag is really insecure."

However, many netizens said that Starbucks 'paper single-cup bags are too unfriendly to cyclists, encounter relatively large bumps on the road, hanging on the handlebars of the handle part will not bear and break, or because of spilled drinks soaked and broken. Some netizens also said that the edge of this paper single-cup bag is too sharp, it is easy to cut hands when using.

"Always afraid of falling off,""very insecure,""Starbucks every time I have to hold the bottom for fear of breaking,""This package is the most uncomfortable series,""Starbucks packaging is especially cut too chicken ribs."

Starbucks 'paper single-cup bag uses environmentally friendly kraft paper, which is designed to save materials. It has also been considered that it can just hold the bag cup so that it will not fall. Some netizens even think that this kind of bag is very easy to use for cold drinks, so there is no need to worry about the condensation of cold drinks soaking into paper bags.

However, this paper single-cup bag does have unreliable times, so some netizens suggest that friends worried about the bag is not reliable can ask the clerk for kraft paper bags, store clerk will generally meet customer requirements. Some people think Starbucks can improve the packaging bag currently used, so that consumers feel safer to use, but also to avoid the embarrassment of falling drinks when using.

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