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Destroy it overnight! Lucky Orange C American emergency off the shelves?!

Published: 2024-05-25 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for many Raymen believers who like cold fruit, Lucky's Orange C American style should be like the white moonlight, and many people like its sweet but not greasy and refreshing taste. After drinking it once, they will regard it as countless Raymen believers who have a good heart, on social platforms.

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For many Raymen believers who like cold fruit, Lucky's Orange C American style should be a moonlight-like existence, and many people like its sweet but not greasy and refreshing taste, and there are countless Rayman believers who regard it as having a good heart after drinking it once. Orange C American Amway stickers can also be seen on social platforms, which can be said to be Lucky's entry-level drink.

Recently, however, the American style of Orange C, which has always been delicious, has received poor reviews. Some netizens have reflected that the orange juice used in the recent American style of Orange C is very sticky and does not blend well with coffee. It tastes like syrup, sweet and pastes his throat. "it's not the same as before!" . Supporters of Orange C American style have called Ruixing to make adjustments to change this cup of moonlight drink in the hearts of countless people back to its original taste.

Lucky also did not miss the voice of netizens, overnight asked the store to make rectification measures. As a result, the lucky workers last night had an extra job in addition to their jobs, thawing and pouring out all the American-style quick-frozen orange sauce.

The amount of orange jam stored in each store varies, so the destruction time is also different. if the quantity is small, just throw the orange paste into the pool and thaw and then pour it out, and the large quantity can only be destroyed several times.

According to the pictures posted by Ruixing beating workers on social platforms, Ruixing made a big move this time, with large-scale emergency handling and destruction of orange sauce used in various stores, while removing Orange C American style from ordering platforms such as Mini Program, which made believers of Ruimen who could not buy Orange C American style panic and worried that Orange C American style would never come back from the shelves.

In the past, Ruixing had a lot of delicious flavor coffee off the shelves, even though netizens were indifferent to the call for a return, so netizens' worries about the removal of Orange C American style from the shelves were not random.

With regard to netizens' messages in the comment area, Ruixing workers, who knew through the grapevine, explained that because the orange jam was so sticky that recently there was something wrong with the taste of Orange C American style and was poorly commented by consumers. Rui Xing should be aware of the crux of the problem and will ask stores to destroy raw materials and urgently remove Orange C American style to make adjustments.

According to Lucky employees, Orange C American style orange sauce will be replaced, and most lucky stores may not have Orange C American style for sale in the near future. Netizens who want to drink Orange C American style will have to wait.

Many netizens see Lucky employees destroy raw materials regardless of cost, and feel a little wasteful, saying that the orange jam can not be used for normal production and can be digested internally by employees, so that it will not be too wasteful.

But lucky employees shake their heads and say no, and they feel sorry for the unopened orange jam themselves. Bottles of orange jam are only wasted when they are thawed and poured into the sewers, but they still have to follow the company's process. destroy all the orange jam under the store surveillance cameras.

I have to say that Ruixing is very serious and responsible in product quality control. Netizens say they understand Ruixing's approach and look forward to returning to the original taste of Orange C American style after it is back on shelves.

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