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Warm and white boiled water has become a popular new product in coffee shop!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Daily Fine Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee Factory wakes up in winter mornings with more or less chills, when drinking a cup of boiled water at the right temperature, the body is gradually warmed by the temperature of the running water. For many people who are used to drinking a glass of warm water after getting up, a cup of warm plain boiled water

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Wake up in the winter morning more or less will have a cold body, this time drink a cup of boiled water at the right temperature, the body is gradually warmed by the temperature of the running water. For many people who are used to getting up and drinking a glass of warm water, a cup of warm boiled water is equivalent to pressing the turn-on button of the computer, which is an important step to awaken the body every day.

From the perspective of health preservation, drinking more boiled water is also better for the body than drinking ice water and cold water. Young people who begin to pay attention to their health also try to replace daily drinking coffee and fruit juices with plain boiled water, but boiled water pays attention to temperature. freshly boiled water needs to be cooled to drink, and it doesn't taste good when it gets cold for too long. So a coffee shop in Japan makes plain boiled water at the right temperature and sells it to consumers who need it.

According to media reports, the coffee shop's menu says "three cups of white soup 500 yen" (about 25 yuan), "white soup" means plain boiled water, but the coffee shop sells "extremely craftsman plain boiled water"! The clerk will use a ceramic kettle that is not easy to lose temperature to collect groundwater, boil it thoroughly and place it for 10 minutes, waiting for the hot water to cool naturally to about 85 ℃, and finally deliver 65 ℃ or so of boiled water to the guest's hand.

Consumers who have placed orders to drink the boiled water produced by the store feel very good, "like today's weather is so cold, drinking hot water can warm the body and is good for health." Some netizens said, "Coffee is too bitter to drink. Although I also like tea, I still prefer to drink plain boiled water."there are still a lot of people around me who drink boiled water."

However, some netizens said that they were puzzled, "it is incredible that some people spend money to buy plain boiled water when they can drink tap water."if I want to spend money to buy it, I will still choose black tea or coffee." In the view of netizens, the plain boiled water sold in the coffee shop is no different from the hot water boiled at home, and it is relatively faster and cheaper to make boiled water directly at home than to go to the coffee shop for a drink.

In fact, however, there are many Japanese consumers who are willing to pay for warm boiled water. Bottled warm boiled water has been provided in the local convenience store before. it is understood that this product was originally intended to be sold for a limited period of time, but the sales volume of the product reached three times the expected sales after the market, so the merchants changed their original plans. the bottled warm and white boiled water has been changed into a regular commodity.

Nowadays, bottled boiled water is sold in convenience stores in Kabuki-cho and other places, and sales are good. Some students said that many people around them would go to the convenience store to buy boiled water and then take it to school to drink.

From this point of view, it is not impossible for coffee shops to start selling plain boiled water at a suitable temperature. Perhaps with the increasing demand of Japanese consumers for plain boiled water, more coffee shops will join the ranks of selling plain boiled water in the future. Domestic netizens speculated that "in a few decades, there may be a white soup fairy ingenuity, the god of white soup, making white soup for decades, and a steady stream of repeat customers."

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