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Lucky employee complained: please don't make a wish!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop many friends may have wanted to buy a drink, perhaps because there is no ice or less ice option to write down their requirements in the remarks bar. For coffee workers, most of this demand can be met, and some customers

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Many friends may have wanted to buy a drink, perhaps because there is no ice or less ice option to write down their requirements in the remarks bar. For coffee workers, most of the requirements can be met, some customers will specially mark to add a few pieces of ice, considerate and meticulous workers will count the ice according to the requirements.

Come and go, some customers may upgrade their beverage requirements, asking for several pumps of syrup, de-sugar, less chocolate sauce and so on. In order not to be poorly reviewed by customers, these requirements are only to add less raw materials and will not cause material loss. Many coffee workers will choose to make according to customer requirements.

But if the remarks require another upgrade, such as "three tablespoons of 00ml meteorite latte ball in trouble liquor 1", "replace milk with 60ml Hokkaido velvet milk, don't forget to make hot spots", "add 15 standard sugars to standard sugar, thank you" and so on, workers will not be at ease.

Not to mention whether the product made by the customer suits the taste of the other party, how to calculate the material loss caused by adding more ingredients to the beverage? If it is an independent coffee shop, it may explain the situation to the customer by phone, asking the other party to make up for the difference in the price of the material or directly indicating that the product cannot be produced, and so on. Even if it is poorly rated, there is no need to worry too much. After all, your own shop makes its own decisions.

But if it is a chain coffee brand with strict material control, friends may have to struggle for a moment, on the one hand, the "God" who does not meet the demand may be poorly rated, and on the other, the boss who takes inventory and finds himself getting even with the loss of materials. The coffee beater caught in the middle can only sigh helplessly, "really take notes as a wishing pool, right?"

Many netizens think, "you can't be used to not calling him once to ask him for a refund", "directly refuse", "it doesn't exist, but if you change the formula, I will politely reply!" "just say you can't do it, you can't."

Experienced workers say that if a customer asks for more things that are not in the drink formula, he should explicitly refuse the other party the first time, and if he sets a precedent, he or she will probably get a bad comment from the customer after that. Otherwise, "1 will be 23456789".

Requirements such as adding more ingredients, cream and concentrate may seem to customers to be easy for workers, and they are already paid drinks, so it's not too much to note a few small requirements, but for migrant workers, the loss caused by adding more materials will be difficult to explain to the manager when counting.

In addition, the beverage formulations finalized by the merchants are all put on the market after repeated attempts. Usually, the taste of the standard drinks will be more in line with the taste of the public. If the drinks of non-standard practices are made to meet the wishes of the customers, however, the customers will give them bad reviews after tasting them, which will outweigh the gain for the workers.

Therefore, coffee workers hope that consumers will recognize the reality and stop mistakenly thinking that they are immortals who can satisfy all their wishes. "they are just humble workers who are afraid of being poorly judged by customers but cannot" misbehave ".

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