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No phone calls, no reply! Lucky stores are difficult to contact!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Life there should be many people who missed the merchant's notes or did not carefully read the merchandise options when placing an order, and then realized that they had just made a mistake after placing the order quickly. If it is a third-party takeout platform, just use your fingers within a specified period of time.

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There should be a lot of people in life who don't read the merchant's notes or don't look carefully at the commodity options when placing orders. After placing orders quickly, they realize that they have just made a mistake. If it's a third-party takeout platform, just move your finger within the specified time, easily cancel the order and re-place.

However, if the merchant provides its own Mini programs or apps to place orders, the process of canceling orders or modifying product attributes may become a bit complicated. Sometimes, customers will choose to contact by phone to make up for their mistakes as soon as possible.

Recently, a careless customer found that he didn't notice the drink temperature after placing a Ruixing takeout order, and couldn't cancel the order because it exceeded the order cancellation time limit. The customer wanted to make a phone call to contact the store. However, the customer service telephone marked on the platform was Ruixing's national unified customer service hotline, not the store telephone number. He couldn't contact the person in charge of the store. The customer could only pay for his temporary mistake.

At the same time, this customer also has questions about Ruixing. Does each store of Ruixing have contact information other than the national unified customer service hotline? How should the customer contact the store by telephone if he has something to do?

Chain coffee brands generally publicize the national unified customer service hotline. If customers complain about offline stores, they will also contact the corresponding stores through the unified customer service hotline. And like changing the order content this kind of thing needs to race against time, in the consumer's view, if you want to go through the customer service hotline and then contact the drink making store, it is too cumbersome, but also too waste of time, and so on contact may drink already completed.

Some netizens said that if it is a store they often go to, in fact, they can communicate with shop assistants to get the number of mobile phones configured by the store, that is, the contact number of the store itself. In addition, you can also find the customer service phone number corresponding to the store through Ruixing Mini programs or apps, but this method does not have the guidance of Ruixing employees, consumers themselves may have to grope for a long time to find out.

Ruixing employees also said that, like the customer's message on a third-party platform, store employees actually can't view it, so if consumers want to temporarily change order requirements, they can only communicate with the store by calling the store phone. However, if the consumer wants to cancel the order, he can only do so through the customer service hotline, because the clerk does not have the right to cancel the order.

For this matter, some netizens think that if other consumers are like the customer in the post, make a phone call to cancel the order, that will increase the loss to the store, cause waste, store inventory inventory will become the fault of the shop assistants, so think that the customer himself order wrong should accept the corresponding price.

However, netizens who have experienced similar experiences said that if they can contact the store by phone to cancel the order first, it is not a good thing for consumers and shop assistants. Even if the shop assistant completes the wrong drink ordered by the customer, the consumer can understand it after telephone communication, and the mood will not be too bad, so there is no need to complain on the social platform why Ruixing Store doesn't even have a contact information.

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