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Break when injected with water?! The quality of Combo Cup is worrying!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in recent years, a new favorite has been added to the coffee shop menu called "Combo". If you go to the shop and ask for it, you can get both an American style and a latte. Some consumers think that Combo is a combination of two coffee drinks.

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In recent years, a new favorite named "Combo" has been added to the coffee shop's menu. If you ask for it, you can get an American style and a latte at the same time. Some consumers are right to think of Combo as a combination of two coffee drinks, but Combo's selling point is not to sell two cups at a time, but to "drink more than one bean".

Combo first appeared in the World Coffee Competition, where contestants made the same bean into an American style and a latte to show their mastery of the beans and the flavor of the beans. From this point of view, Combo tests not only the baristas made, but also the quality of the coffee beans made.

At present, the most common Combo practice in coffee shops is to use a bean extract to extract a double concentrate, which is evenly divided into two cups through a double head. After the extraction, one part is concentrated and added with hot water at the right temperature. The other part is poured into the milk and placed on the same tray to give to the consumer in the form of a combination.

Combo has been very popular since it appeared in coffee shops, for consumers, the same bean can be tasted from different angles, the happiness of harvest is self-evident, and the cup size of Combo is small, it is undoubtedly a better choice for consumers with a small appetite.

But because Combo is usually made with a capacity of about 100ml, the original coffee cup is not suitable for Combo, and to consider giving drinkers a better taste experience, coffee makers have designed new cups for Combo for coffee shops and coffee lovers who want to try it at home.

As a result, the Hulu cup designed for Combo is popular on social platforms. According to official publicity, this combination cup is designed for Combo, in which the closing cup is suitable for making American style, and the other belly cup is suitable for making lattes. Both cups are small in capacity and can be extracted under the coffee machine at the same time. Coupled with ingenious design, a lot of cup control hearts have been gained as soon as they are online.

However, recently, some netizens reported that the quality of the combined cup was worrying, and they warmed the cup before making the American style. as a result, the hot water poured down and the glass exploded. This sudden accident caught netizens by surprise. The explanation obtained after contacting customer service is that the glass material used in the cup will burst when the temperature difference is too large.

According to netizens' feedback, the merchants' introduction to the combined cup did not mention the items of use and the range of temperature tolerance, and thought that if the cup itself could not bear high temperature, it might not be suitable for making American style.

Many netizens agree with this, thinking that if this combination cup cannot withstand high temperature, its use will be very limited. "if hot water cannot be filled, how can it be used to drink coffee?", "this is not suitable for coffee", "the product design does not take into account the material and use at all, it feels a bit like a concept product without proofing and testing."

Netizens believe that if the main purpose is to produce coffee, merchants should give priority to the practicality of the cup, followed by the styling design, rather than putting the cart before the horse and selling consumers a useless vase.

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