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Why is Rose Summer so expensive? The price of rose summer coffee beans is explained in detail! What is the difference between Jade Manor bidding and Red bid Rose Summer?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, Rose summer has been in the limelight in recent years, and its price seems to be creating an all-time high every year under the popularity of fans. Under this kind of information, what is the reasonable range for the price of Rosa coffee beans you buy? First of all, Qianjie first explains a basic information, and then expands the explanation.

Rose summer has been in the limelight in recent years, and its price seems to be creating an all-time high every year under the popularity of fans. Under this kind of information, what is the reasonable range for the price of Rosa coffee beans you buy?

First of all, Qianjie first explains a basic information, and then expands the explanation. The basic message is: coffee beans are agricultural products, there is little difference between things coming out of the same piece of land, and price performance has little to do with quality. You assume that you are an orange farmer, the varieties of oranges in the same field have not changed, and the land has not changed, because there will certainly be a little bit of quality ups and downs, but you will not say that the food grown in the same field is twice as delicious as last year and twice as delicious next year.

It is reasonable to treat coffee beans as general agricultural products. Rosa Xia is a little higher than ordinary coffee beans. Qianjie shares three points here. First, it is true that it has a little bad seed; second, it is also a fact that its yield is not high, per unit acreage; third, because this variety has not been around for a long time, it has not been widely planted on a large scale. it is also a fact that the market has a demand for this new thing. Under the influence of these factors, the price of Rosa coffee beans is about 6-10 times higher than that of ordinary coffee beans.

Because the Panamanian emerald manor is to make people realize the rose summer, and then spread to the surrounding manors, as well as the surrounding countries. It can be said that without the Emerald Manor, there would be no well-known Rose Summer craze.

Take the latest seasonal bean price as an example, the same Panamanian jadeite manor red standard rose summer to the domestic price is about 2200-2600 RMB, the jadeite manor is currently 3 major manor 22 plots, the difference between different plots is not too big, the price difference between different plots is about 100 to 200 RMB. It can also be seen from this detail that the manor also believes that most of the plots are at a similar level. This may be quite different from the information we receive on a daily basis, because a lot of information on the Internet has reached tens of thousands or nearly 100000 RMB, and the price is not wrong, but that is just the bidding price.

Every kilogram of raw beans becomes ripe beans is about 0.79-0.83 kg, which means that, excluding other costs, the cost price of 100g red standard rose summer is about 280-330 yuan. Of course, in addition to this, there are packaging and other cost-sharing expenses. This is the basic reason why we often see the price of red standard rose summer close to the range of 380-700 on the Internet. Different businesses have their own different cost calculation and pricing methods.

What Qianjie wants to say is that the reason why people think that the red bid is expensive is to graft the perception of the price of the bidding red bid onto the ordinary red bid, that is, to confuse the news of how much the online auction costs with the ordinary red bid.

Panamanian Emerald Manor Rose Summer's latest adjusted rating is: competitive bidding, red bid, green bid, which may help to correct this perception. But in the past few years, it was classified as red (including ordinary red and competitive bids collectively referred to as red) and green; and then the previous grades were red, green and blue. Because the red mark has not been subdivided or explained for a long time, Volkswagen has linked the bidding price with the ordinary red bid.

How did the rose summer, red mark, green mark and blue mark in the same field come from? A few years ago, the Emerald Manor defined the blue label as the cheapest rose summer, produced below 1500 altitude. Rosa coffee beans became more and more expensive, and the cheap blue label disappeared in 2020. In addition to the blue mark, it is the red sign that indicates the name of the land, and the green sign that mixes different plots together.

In the year when the blue mark still exists, it can be seen that the blue mark beans are relatively small, while both the red mark and the green mark are larger. There is not much difference between the two kinds of beans in appearance, and they both have very obvious appearance characteristics of the rose summer package. It's just that there's no difference between the plots. In the past two years, some changes have taken place in the appearance of the green mark and the red mark. The red mark has maintained a relatively uniform size, while the green mark has begun to show a mixed difference in size. It is also easy for ordinary people to distinguish between the two levels of red and green marks in terms of appearance.

The above explains the illusion of the high price of the red bid, and the following front street will talk about the bidding Rosa Xia price and the reasons for the rising price.

Whether it is BOP or COE, they hope to push up the price of coffee beans by auction in order to encourage farmers, so this purpose is to encourage prices to rise, higher than their own value is a normal phenomenon. The bidding red bid comes from the same plot of ordinary red bid, and under the condition of the same variety of land, there may be 20% or 30% of different plots. Some people may ask that if the variety is the same, the land is also the same piece of land, but the results of different treatment methods or batches will vary greatly. Yes, but it should be noted that the treatment of the jadeite estate is actually very traditional, and producers use batches to record the harvest date and the processing process. There is a big difference in price, so will there be a big difference in quality? There may be some differences in the quality of raw beans between competitive red bids and ordinary red bids, and the difference may be as much as twice as much, but out of proportion to the premium that may be several or dozens of times.

Second, because of the popularity of boutique coffee, the market also took the initiative to participate in the price push up. If you are a buyer who wants to buy something, you will naturally seek to lower the purchase price by increasing the purchase volume, which is why there may be differences in the price of the same kind of red label rose purchased by different people. However, there is a small detail in the bidding, but it stimulates the buyers to take the initiative to raise the price of the goods, that is, the bidding results will disclose the names of the purchasers, which becomes a kind of publicity. When several buyers come together to shoot the same batch, sharing the cost will make them more active in offering a higher price.

Therefore, with the Emerald Manor as the benchmark, the ranked bidding manor beans will be higher, along with other ordinary roses of the estate will also sell higher. The unknown manor or some neighboring countries are naturally closer to its original price.