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38 yuan for four American dumplings! Netizen: can you become an immortal after eating?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ click to follow | the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop is two days away from Yuanxiao. In order to catch up with this festive atmosphere, KFC launched "Romantic dumplings plus dumplings"-Avjiaduo paired with black sesame dumplings, attracting a wave of tangyuan heads and coffee heads to clock in, but this new KFC product is available in limited quantities.

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There are still two days to go before Yuanxiao, in order to catch up with this festive atmosphere, KFC launched "Tang Yuan Jiaduo Romantic"-Avjiaduo paired with black sesame dumplings, attracting a wave of Tang Yuan head and coffee head to clock in. But KFC's new product is available in limited supply and designated stores, and some netizens complained that they could not eat this Chinese Ave Jiaduo when they arrived.

As a result, a cafe in Shanghai took advantage of the Lantern Festival to put on shelves an American-style dumpling. Four freshly boiled black sesame dumplings were placed in a ceramic cup, sprinkled with an Italian concentrate and then produced. It's not bad to serve such a warm American glutinous rice dumpling on a rainy day, but people who have tried it say that "extremely bitter coffee with extremely sweet black sesame dumplings is somewhat hard for cp."

At the same time, the netizen also advised others not to try easily, mainly because the price of this American-style dumpling is 38 yuan, and the overall sex-to-price ratio is not high. From the point of view of the production process, there is no cool techs added to the American dumplings, just ordinary black sesame dumplings that can be seen in the supermarket. The concentrated dumplings are extracted with ordinary mixed beans, so the production cost is low. Netizens with coffee equipment at home also said that they can easily copy the store's American dumplings at home.

Therefore, the four dumplings soaked in coffee concentrate sell for 38 yuan, while each dumpling sells for 9.50 yuan on average. some netizens tease that this tangyuan can buy a copy of "tangyuan plus romance" with a price of 8.8 at KFC. Complain: "this belongs to IQ tax", "one tangyuan for my breakfast for two days!" , "order a cup of American style, add a cup of dumplings, mix them together, it should not be 38", "what kind of dumplings will cost nearly 10 yuan each? can you become an immortal after eating? why don't you grab it?" .

However, some netizens noticed that this American-style tangyuan was launched by a Shanghai coffee shop and immediately calmed down. "Shanghai is very normal", "if you are the devil's capital, it is reasonable not to sell dumplings for 38," and "four tangyuan 38. I was shocked by the price. I was calm again when I looked at the area. Shanghai has always been expensive." In addition, some netizens said that "41 without tangyuan", "it is very cheap, usually a cup of coffee can also start at 30 yuan", "this is not the price of a cup of coffee." no, no, no. no, no, no. " "No, it's not expensive. How much is a medium cup of Italian at Starbucks?" .

Many netizens think that in Shanghai, where "four mini praises can be sold for 20 yuan", it is not expensive to sell four tangyuan in a coffee shop for 38 yuan. Netizens living in Shanghai said that the price in Shanghai is so high that many independent coffee shops have to start at 30 for a cup of coffee. Therefore, the 38-yuan American dumplings can be understood as: consumers bought a cup of American-style dumplings with 38 yuan, while the coffee shop specially gave away four tangyuan in order to make consumers feel the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival. When you think about it, it seems that the 38 yuan is quite a bargain.

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