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The customer coffee shop paid more than 900 for breaking the lid of the kettle.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop now many independent coffee shops display peripherals and cups printed with logo in the store and sell them to consumers who love their own brands. However, there are some utensils, such as ceramic cups, glass pots, etc., which are easily damaged because of their special materials.

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At present, many independent coffee shops will place cultural creation surroundings, cups, etc. printed with shop logos in the store for sale to consumers who love their own brands. However, there are some appliances, such as ceramic cups, glass pots, etc., because the material is very easy to damage, so a careless, it is possible to encounter bad accidents when drinking coffee.

Yesterday, a customer accidentally broke the lid of a purple teapot used by the store in a cafe. According to the customer's statement, his sweater accidentally scratched the teapot with a price tag of 3980, resulting in the lid being broken. Before this, the store has reminded that the purple clay pot is expensive, and because of their own indiscretion caused things to happen, so self-aware customers actively negotiate with the store.

Finally, the store asked the customer to compensate 926.5 yuan, half of the purchase price of 1853 yuan, and gave the teapot and broken lid to the customer after compensation.

In this incident, the store has informed the customer and reminded him, but there is still an accident that both parties do not want to appear, so most netizens think this is caused by the customer's mistake, and the customer should compensate for the economic loss caused by himself. What can make netizens puzzled is that a small pot cover actually has to compensate more than 900 yuan, so that netizens can not help but question whether the store is bullying customers do not understand purple clay pot and sit on the ground to start the price, blackmail customers.

Some netizens think, When this kind of accident should first call the police to deal with, If both parties choose to privately negotiate compensation, In compensation before the store should also show the purchase order and other proof that the teapot purchase price is really as they say, Instead of randomly say a price will let customers compensate. "Call the police, ask to see the purchase price,""first ask the boss to provide proof of purchase invoice,""ask him to buy the purchase order ah no proof why not say 80 million to buy Gu Jingzhou."

Netizens who have studied the purple teapot said that there is no problem with this compensation. According to the store, the purple clay pot is a handmade pot, the value itself is high. The handmade purple clay pot is a pot and a cover. This purple clay pot with a missing lid is no longer a complete commodity, and the handmade pot basically cannot match a tightly stitched, identical lid, and cannot be remedied. Therefore, it is not inappropriate for the store to ask for half of the purchase price of the handmade purple clay pot as compensation, not what netizens think.

Some netizens engaged in tea set business said that every corner of their store is covered with "handle gently" tips, but also timely remind customers not to touch and break, but occasionally still hear the sound of porcelain fragmentation. Once such accidents occur, customers will be in a bad mood because they have to spend money, and the damage of the goods cannot be sold.

Therefore, if some shops are decorated, use or sell fragile appliances, the store should place the appliances in a safe position and remind customers that customers should also be careful not to touch them as much as possible to prevent such "both losses" accidents.

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