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How to flush out the juicy feeling of hand-made coffee? What's the juicy feeling? How to adjust the extraction framework?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, In many articles written in Qianjie, there is always a seductive coffee description, "juicy". Many friends will be curious about this description: "shouldn't coffee flavor be a more concrete description? what does it mean to feel juicy?" What is the taste of juicy fruit? In fact, the sense of juice

In many articles written in Qianjie, there is always a seductive coffee description, "juicy". Many friends will be curious about this description: "shouldn't coffee flavor be a more concrete description? what does it mean to feel juicy?"

What is the taste of juicy fruit? In fact, the feeling of fruit juice not only refers to the flavor and aroma, it also has a taste. Yes, it is a double description. The implication is that this cup of coffee tastes as sour and sweet as fruit, and because of its high alcohol thickness, the content of coffee liquid in the mouth is very close to the fullness of fruit juice! The combination is like drinking a sip of juice!

Doesn't that sound very tempting? Well, in order to make the coffee brewed by friends at home can also have a full sense of juice, so our theme today is "how to flush out, the sense of coffee juice"!

How to flush out the juicy feeling of coffee? Not every coffee bean can flush out the juice! After all, a skillful wife cannot cook a meal without rice, and you can't let a deep-baked bean without sweet and sour taste turn into juice, can you? So, the choice of beans is very important! (friends who already have beans can go to the cooking section.)

For the choice of beans, we need to screen from two aspects in turn. So first of all, let's start with the degree of baking! As mentioned above, we can't get the juice out of deep-baked beans. The reason is simple: deep-baked beans go through more reactions during baking, and the sour substances in the body have long been exhausted and there is no acid in it! The fruit flavor in coffee is mainly made up of sour substances, no matter how sour they are. Therefore, when there is a lack of important substances that make up the flavor of fruit, it is naturally impossible to form a fuller sense of juice! Therefore, the primary goal of beans is the beans baked in shallow water.

Then there is the treatment of coffee beans ~ as we all know, washing treatment will make coffee have more acidity. The reason is that during fermentation, the sugars in raw coffee beans are converted into a large amount of organic acids. Washing treatment will convert more than other treatments! Therefore, washed coffee beans can better help us to make coffee with a sense of juice (sun exposure is also possible, but washing will be more suitable) combined with the above two points. The beans suitable for this brewing experiment in Qianjie are "Asalia, Kenya". Coffee from Kenya is famous for its sweet and sour taste of black plum and baby tomato. The unique volcanic soil in this producing area provides beans with a sufficient amount of sour nutrients, combined with ultra-long washing treatment, it is a very suitable choice of beans (friends can also use other beans, Qianjie here just use it as beans for this cooking! )

There is often a saying on the Internet that the sour, sweet and bitter coffee is extracted according to the order. Actually this is not so! Sour, sweet and bitter taste are released together, but at different nodes, the amount of release is not the same! In the process of extraction, a large number of sour substances are released, followed by sweet substances. Finally, when the sour and sweet tastes are released, water can only extract bitterness, so people think that bitterness is the last release! But in fact, it is because sour and sweet are gone, only bitterness can be extracted. The release of bitter substances is the whole process, but the amount of release is relatively small, in the previous stage of extraction, it is easy to be masked by a large number of acid and sweet substances, so that people can not be detected!

To sum up, the idea of cooking is very simple: we only need to shorten the time required for extraction and reduce the release of bitterness to highlight the sweet and sour taste! Then by increasing the concentration, instead of bitter substances to accumulate a mellow feeling, so that you can get a cup of juicy coffee! Therefore, the way we brew is: reduce the ratio of powder to water to increase the concentration, superimpose the mellow feeling, and then use the three-stage formula to increase the level of coffee, combined with high current brewing to shorten the extraction time.

Amount of powder used: 16g powder-water ratio: 1:14 (224ml hot water) water temperature: 92 °C Grinding scale: 10 scale of ek43, 75% oversieving rate of No. 20 sieve: three-stage type, water distribution of the whole process: the first stage 30ml, the second stage 130ml, the third stage 64ml.

The first is our steaming stage, where twice the amount of water injected into the powder is steamed for a period of 30 seconds. After the steaming is over, use the large flow > 7ml/s to inject 130ml hot water around the circle and wait for dripping! When the water level is about to hit bottom, then inject the remaining 64ml hot water in a small circle. The total time is 2 minutes. If friends cook according to this formula, it is normal to have an error of about 5 seconds. A shallow taste, as if we took a bite of the juice burst out of the tomato, with a very full sense of juice, Wumei, caramel flavor is very obvious, Gaga delicious.

Although it looks very complicated, as long as we sort out the idea of extraction, what kind of coffee we want to make can be obtained and realized in accordance with the theory, it is very simple! Go ahead and try it.


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