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Lucky coffee machine malfunctioned? Netizen: this belongs to squirrel!

Published: 2024-04-16 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in the upsurge of coffee culture, Luckin Coffee has won the love of many Raymen people for its efficiency and convenience as well as its own affordable price. However, even the most efficient fully automatic coffee machines will inevitably appear in lucky stores, which are often full of orders.

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In the upsurge of coffee culture, Luckin Coffee has won the love of many Raymen people because of its high efficiency and convenience as well as its own affordable price. However, even with the most efficient fully automatic coffee machine, there will inevitably be some unexpected episodes in lucky stores, which are often full of orders.

Recently, a lucky partner shared his experience of repairing a coffee machine in a store on a social platform, causing a heated discussion among netizens.

The lucky partner said that the coffee machine suddenly malfunctioned and they applied for repair measures in time. Unexpectedly, when the company sent an engineer to overhaul, he was surprised to find that the coffee machine was "eating coffee beans".

Netizens in Guangdong have said that they will feel very frightened after seeing these pictures, because the appearance of these coffee beans can easily be mistaken for Xiaoqiang. Some people even said, "I thought it was Xiaoqiang from the mainframe of the computer."

Some netizens' comment area mentioned that when the business of Luckin Coffee's store broke out, the automatic coffee machines worked continuously with high load, making coffee one cup after another. It is strange that there is no malfunction in this state of overload work. Under the continuous high-intensity work of the automatic coffee machine, its internal parts and mechanism may be affected by continuous high temperature and high pressure, resulting in frequent failures.

Some netizens believe that this situation is actually very normal, and if they know something about Lucky's engineers, they will understand the reason. "they usually give priority to repairing the machine rather than directly replacing it, because they only need to replace some parts to get the machine back to normal, and they will not choose to replace the whole machine."

Later, some netizens joked that the coffee maker was an ordinary coffee machine on the surface, but it was actually a "cyber squirrel". On the other hand, there are also people who work hard and work hard to extract coffee. "what's wrong with eating beans every day?"

However, Lucky's fully automatic coffee machine is not alone.

Clogged ⬇️ in the bean warehouse where the coffee beans are ground

After Rui Xing beat the worker to dismantle the machine, he became a "maintenance master" ⬇️

The steam rods were directly broken by ⬇️.

Coffee machine screen damage, can not touch the screen, decisively pull out the mouse ⬇️

In the pursuit of efficiency and quality, coffee shops can pay attention to the coffee machine may be overloaded under the continuous high order volume. In order to ensure that the coffee machine is always in the best condition, regular maintenance and maintenance is essential. Only in this way can we provide consumers with a better coffee drinking experience.

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