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Luxury brand Gucci sells coffee across the border?!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Gucci brand should be heard of. This luxury brand is famous for its fashion, leather goods, perfume and so on. Last year, a Gucci Ancora fashion show shone brilliantly at Milan Fashion week.

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Gucci is a brand that many people have heard of. This luxury brand is famous for its fashion, leather goods, perfume and so on. Last year, a Gucci Ancora fashion show was brilliant in Milan Fashion week. Ankora red swept the fashion circle, and the launch of Ancora series products attracted countless people's attention.

In order to enable Chinese consumers to better understand the Ancora series, Gucci thought of the coffee that young people like now, and set up a coffee truck to hand out coffee for free in Beijing, Shanghai and other business circles with Gucci stores, so as to attract the attention of passers-by.

Anke Lahong's coffee car brought a wave of traffic to Gucci, and many netizens even rushed to the scene to clock in as a souvenir, but netizens also complained that it took a long time to wait in line to get a cup of coffee, and due to limited supply, some netizens who were specially present said they ran away and did not drink a cup of Gucci coffee. In addition, some netizens complained that Gucci coffee was not as good as expected, "just the cup looks good", which disappointed admiring consumers.

After this attempt, Gucci also realized that although he was born in Italy as a luxury brand, his ability in the coffee field is really limited. So yesterday, Gucci teamed up with three well-known domestic coffee brands-Grid coffee, Blue bottle Coffee and% Arabica-to open a week-long pop-up coffee shop in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

It is reported that consumers can buy Gucci coffee at four limited flash stores: Grid coffee in Sanlitun in Beijing, Blue bottle Coffee Zhangyuan in Shanghai,% Arabica in Vientiane City in Shenzhen and% Arabica in Taiguri in Chengdu. The triple restrictions of stores, duration and products create a "now or never" atmosphere, so that consumers are afraid to miss the limited cup of coffee and line up to buy as soon as the event is launched.

From this point of view, things that are not good at should be done by professionals. Gucci gave this part of the coffee to the coffee brand and gained a lot of praise from consumers. However, the limited drinks offered by the three coffee brands are different, making many consumers "eat in the bowl and look at the pot" and regret that they can't taste the drinks from other stores.

However, some netizens noticed that this time Gucci's "branded coffee" was carried out by three coffee brands, which was different from the previous cooperation model in which luxury brands only co-signed with one coffee brand, so they speculated that Gucci was "spreading the net", partnering with three coffee brands first, and then identifying a long-term partner in terms of sales volume.

However, some netizens think that the three coffee brands and Gucci may only cooperate once, because the flash stores jointly opened by Gucci are not far from the Ancora series exhibition venues, and consumers who buy coffee may be attracted by the conspicuous exhibition hall to visit and learn about the Ancora series.

In recent years, luxury consumption is in the doldrums, in order to attract the attention of young consumers, Gucci has made a breakthrough in design, and has successfully won the attention of young people by combining coffee, which is deeply loved by young people, with its own brand. But it will take time to see whether coffee consumers can be transformed into luxury consumption with the help of this wave of popularity.

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