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"copycat Manner" appears in Hong Kong? Official: forced to change his name

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, some Hong Kong netizens found a "fake Manner" coffee shop while shopping in a large local supermarket. According to the photos provided by netizens, the coffee shop's brand logo, overall decoration style, product posters and so on.

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Recently, some Hong Kong netizens found a "fake Manner" coffee shop when they were shopping in a large local supermarket.

From the photos provided by netizens, the brand logo, overall decoration style, product posters and so on of the coffee shop are very similar to those of Manner stores on the mainland, and there is even an activity of "bringing your own cup minus 5 yuan", which can be said to have almost restored the Manner store. The only difference is that the name of the store is "Maners", and consumers will mistake it for "Manner" if they are not careful.

Hong Kong netizens were shocked by the high similarity of fake Manner stores. Before the real Manner came, there was a fake Manner. "this is a fake manner with different spelling", "fake … manner", "come on, it's missing an n".

When many Manner fans heard about this, they stood up for the brand and thought that a high-imitation store like this should send it a letter from a lawyer to let it know the consequences of swindling outside in the name of Manner. Some netizens are even afraid that Manner does not know that high imitation stores have appeared in Hong Kong, take the initiative to contact Manner to inform them of their findings, and remind Manner to actively safeguard their own rights and interests through legal channels.

But to the surprise of enthusiastic netizens, Manner already knew about it, because the coffee shop called Maners is Manner's store in Hong Kong. I thought I was doing justice for Manner, but I never thought it was an embarrassing own-dragon incident.

In recent years, the number of Manner stores has soared, and white signs of Manner can be seen in many places across the country. Hong Kong, which has a mature coffee market, has naturally been included by Manner in the expansion of stores, and as soon as the time has come, it will be settled in Hong Kong's large-scale supermarkets, so that local Manner fans can drink their favorite coffee at home.

However, before Manner entered Hong Kong, it was found that "Manner" had been registered by other enterprises in Hong Kong, so it was impossible to use the "Manner" trademark in Hong Kong. The helpless Manner could only be "forced to change its name" and make certain adjustments on the basis of the original trademark. That is why the light sign logo of Hong Kong stores is now the "Maners" seen by the public.

Through the heavenly eye examination, the "Maners" trademark applied for registration in November 2022, but the trademark registration application submitted in March 2023 was rejected, and Manner was rejected again after submitting the trademark review in accordance with the regulations. According to the Trademark Law, the trademark can still be used even if the trademark has not been registered, so the signboard of Hong Kong stores is still "Maners".

However, the unregistered "Maners" trademark is not protected by law, and Manner's continued use of the trademark may run the risk of infringing on others' trademarks. Therefore, if you want to avoid future legal disputes over trademarks, Manner may redesign the "Maners" trademark before applying for trademark registration.

However, the Manner Hong Kong store, which has been forced to change its name once, has made many consumers mistake the real person for a counterfeit store. If the current "Maners" is renamed again, there may be another post saying "Hong Kong has opened a fake Manner".

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