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Panamanian Coffee beans | introduction of Juliet Coffee beans in Rosa Manor of 90 + Company in Walken area

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, Panamanian coffee is well-known in the global coffee market, especially the rose summer variety. As early as the end of the 19th century, Europeans immigrated to Panama and brought coffee to Panama to grow. In 2005, the rose summer planted by the Emerald Manor won the best Panama BOP competition and auctioned it for a high price.

Panamanian coffee is well-known in the global coffee market, especially the rose summer variety. As early as the end of the 19th century, Europeans immigrated to Panama to bring coffee to Panama to grow, and in 2005, the rose summer planted at the Emerald Manor won the best Panama BOP competition and auctioned at a high price, making Panamanian coffee and rose varieties famous in the coffee world.

Panamanian coffee

Panama can't grow such high-quality coffee without its geography and unique climate. Panama is located in the south of Central America, with undulating terrain and vertical valleys. Except for the north-south coastal plain, it is mostly mountainous. Panama is rich in forest resources, with forests and woodland accounting for 43% of the total.

Because the ground is near the equator, it is a tropical maritime climate, humid during the day and cool at night, with an annual average temperature of 23-27 ℃, drought and rain throughout the year, and an average annual rainfall of 1500-2500 mm. And because of the country's east-west environment, cold air flows through areas more than 1900 meters in the Central Mountains, creating a variety of microclimates in the Poquet and Walken regions. Coffee is mainly grown near the volcanic area of Chiriki province in western Panama, with fertile land brought by volcanic ash, high altitude, the right amount of Rain Water, and the microclimate makes it an excellent coffee producing area.

Walken producing area

Today Panama has three main coffee growing areas, Boquete, Volc á n and Renacimiento, all of which are in Chiriki province and are surrounded by three volcanoes. One of the most famous is the Pokuit producing area, which has many well-known coffee estates, such as Emerald Manor, Arida Manor and Duncan Manor.

The Walken producing area is located to the east of the Baru volcano, which is different from the Pokuit producing area, which is also located in the Baru volcano. Because of the mountain barrier in the northern part of the Walken area, the moisture in the Atlantic Ocean is difficult to reach, so the producing area will be relatively dry. And sunny, coffee is grown in fertile volcanic soil between 1200 and 1800 meters above sea level. Although Walken is not as well-known as Poquet, in recent years, the coffee of Walken has gradually gained a reputation in the boutique coffee market, and the coffee estates of Walken have also begun to emerge on BOP, including 90 + Rosa Manor, Hartman Manor and Jensen Manor.

90 + co.

90+ (Ninety Plus) is the name of a coffee and raw bean company in the United States. The founder Joseph Brodsky was founded in 2006 under the influence of the Jade Manor at that time. However, in the coffee cup test, 90 + represents beans with excellent quality and flavor to get more than 90 points, so many people think that 90 + companies only produce beans with more than 90 points. This also benefits from the production system Profile Processing established by 90 + company.

When purchasing coffee beans, the regular raw bean merchants will first have a cup of test drink, and then buy the coffee beans that taste good, that is, they will resell them by buying high-quality raw beans produced by others. At first, the 90 + company was small and did not have enough money to get involved in planting. It also bought coffee berries from surrounding farmers and brought them back to the processing plant for processing. However, 90 + company with its unique processing methods, produced Aricha and Beloya coffee beans, because of its extremely rich fruit flavor, caused a huge response after the launch of the market, also made 90 + famous, but also have more revenue. After having the funds, we began to start the production of raw beans, and began to select potential farmers and give them varying degrees of advice and technology to assist the company. With the Profile Processing system established by the founder at the beginning of the company in 2006, it does not purchase raw beans directly, but starts from the breeding and processing of raw coffee beans, and the beans processed in each production are strictly selected, which ensures that the bean quality of 90 + company is at a high level.

90 + Manor

In 2009, with the technology and experience accumulated over the years, 90 + founded the 90 + Rose Summer Manor in the Walken area of Panama. Since no comparable varieties were found in Ethiopia, I decided to plant the varieties and apply their own technology to them. In 2014, the estate began to produce coffee beans, which led to the emergence of the 90 + series. Then, in 2019, 90 + acquired a new piece of land and set up another new 90 + estate. Because it is located near the Ninety Plus Bar volcano, it is named 90 + Ninety Plus Bar ú Manor. At present, there are two series of 90 + coffee beans produced by Rosa Manor on Qianjie Street, one is Juliet Rose Summer and Eleta Rose Summer. However, these two also belong to 90 + treatment, although 90 + company did not disclose the specific treatment, but Qianjie Cup test guess is anaerobic treatment.

Front Street Coffee Panama 90 + Rosa Juliet Coffee Bean production area: Walken Manor / processing Plant: 90 + Rosa Manor Ninety plus altitude: 1400-1800 m Variety: Rosa treatment: 90 + treatment Flavor: Musk Grape, Champagne, Water, Lemon Flavor

This 90 + rosy summer Juliet of Qianjie Coffee is moderately roasted. Qianjie will use the proportion of V60 # 1 ℃, 92 ℃ water temperature to brew, you can smell musk grape aroma, the entrance will have fragrance lemon-like acidity and the flavor of grape and champagne, after the temperature drops slightly, there will be fruit wine-like flavor, sweet, rich and varied taste, endless aftertaste.